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Empower Mom: Transforming Rural Communities Through Financial Literacy and Health Awareness

Financial Literacy
Financial Literacy

Abokobi Area Rural Bank Ltd is spearheading a transformative initiative aimed at empowering women in rural communities through financial literacy education.

Dubbed “Empower Mom,” this initiative, in collaboration with the Tima Kum Kum Foundation, seeks to bring hope and change to these underserved settlements.

On May 11, 2024, the event unfolded, designed to equip women with the tools for financial independence and the unlocking of their full potential. Louisa Osei-Gyamera, the Senior Marketing and Business Development Officer, emphasized that the program’s objective was to impact the lives of mothers in rural communities profoundly. “This year, we aimed to go beyond mere gift-giving and offer something more substantial to our mothers. Women are the pillars of their families; they are their husbands’ support systems,” she affirmed.

Mothers were encouraged to cultivate the habits of saving and disciplined spending, steering clear of impulse purchases. Savings, they were reminded, play a crucial role in managing personal and household finances, including rent payments and debt management. Moreover, prudent saving enables individuals to plan for a comfortable retirement. Abokobi Area Rural Bank Ltd took the opportunity to reaffirm its commitment to providing continuous financial support to mothers to bolster their businesses.

Media personality Tima Kum Kum, the esteemed guest of honor and an advocate for G6PD deficiency awareness, seized the occasion to shed light on this condition. In an interview, she recounted her personal journey with G6PD deficiency and emphasized the importance of raising awareness to save lives. Tima Kum Kum revealed her harrowing experience of nearly losing her life after unknowingly consuming sulfur, which is contraindicated for individuals with G6PD deficiency. “G6PD deficiency has no cure. Get tested, know your status, and safeguard your life,” she urged.

The “Empower Mom” initiative stands as a beacon of hope, empowering rural women with the knowledge and resources needed to build a brighter future for themselves and their families. Through financial literacy and health education, these women are equipped to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and confidence.

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