Endangered western chimpanzee gives birth to baby at Chester Zoo


A 43-years-old chimpanzee, which belongs to an endangered species, has given birth to a baby at Chester Zoo in northwest England, local media reported Friday.

The tiny critically endangered western chimp was safely delivered by mom, Mandy, with the new born now clinging tightly to her as she cradles her new arrival.

A zoo spokesperson said with just 18,000 western chimpanzees remaining in the wild, the birth at Chester is hugely significant for the species.

Chester Zoo is fighting to prevent the extinction of chimpanzees in Gabon, Uganda and Nigeria.

The latest birth follows a 10-year genetic study which recognizes Chester Zoo’s chimpanzee group as a vital conservation breeding group.

Primate experts at the zoo are yet to determine the sex of the new arrival, but as soon as they do, a name will be chosen.
Mom Mandy already has has one daughter and two granddaughters.

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