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President Mahama
President Mahama
President Mahama

After a litany of propaganda-powered announcements seeking to assure consumers that there would be constant supply of electricity, ?thanks to the good works of an NDC government,? load shedding is paradoxically back.

They were surely going to be inveighed upon by NDC hounds whose remarks suggested a return of the load shedding regime.

It has been a gradual process: consumers started witnessing intermittent power outages mostly without prior announcements until there was no longer room for further mendacity about the reality of the energy crisis.

Now that the chickens have come home to roost, we are better informed about the extent of the energy crisis.

When the time-table, which we have been informed, will be released sometime today or so is published, consumers can easily question the sincerity of the assurance we were given last year that the load shedding regime had been finally confined to the backburner.

In one of our commentaries on the subject of electricity supply, we did raise concern about the need for Ghanaians to be told the truth.

We added for instance that it would be good if consumers were told when not to expect power supply and vice versa as this would help them in planning their businesses.

At the time that we composed the commentary, we were aware that some challenges were bedevilling the efficient management of power supply. We also knew that much as the technocrats would have rather the truth was told consumers, politicians on the other hand were opposed to such frankness.

It is an understatement to describe the issue of electricity supply as dire: many have been axed from their places of work as a result of the unreliability of its supply and as things stand, we are unable to determine when normalcy would be restored, even if we are told by the authorities.

Politicians at the helm would always want the truth to be massaged in a manner as to conceal their inefficiencies in managing this critical sector of the economy.

We have been told about how the erratic supply of gas from Nigeria is one of the factors hindering the efficiency of supply among others. Much as we would not dispute this factor, it is our position that the sector is by and large suffering the all-encompassing malaise of bad governance.

Fiscal indiscipline and misplaced priorities which occasioned in the reckless drawing of money for the electoral projects of the ruling party cannot be discounted in such matters.

Education, local government, infrastructural development et al are all suffering from the fallouts of bad governance and the reckless dissipation of public funds.

Governance is about taking decisions and making necessary appreciations to obviate debilitating drawbacks.

What stopped government from listening to the demands from engineers for the replacement of obsolete and worn-out equipment?


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