Enjoy cleaning your laundry with these new age washing machines


All along the year cleaning your laundry is a job we cannot avoid no matter how much we try. No one likes their clothes dirty or stinky. Cleaning your laundry is a tiring and time-consuming job and the youth these days clearly lack both time and energy. Do you also hate doing your laundry? Then let us make your life a bit easier.

Various washing machines are flooding the industry every year and no one wants just basic features in this high tech world. The right washing machine can make cleaning your laundry much less tiresome. Here are some top picks in washing machines.

Bosch WAK24168IN

Bosch being the world’s largest manufacturer of washing machines provides many helpful features. It has an rpm of 1200 (Greater the spin speed lower the drying time). The washing machine is loaded with 15 wash programmes for different kinds of fabrics it also has Active Water Plus technology which intelligently senses the type of fabric and the weight of the laundry and adjusts the water level according to it.

The anti-vibration technology keeps the machine stable and saves us from the ugly noises. The Variodrum feature makes sure that the water and detergent are evenly distributed among the clothes. The machine also has a Reload function with the help of which you can remove or add clothes during the cycle through the front door.

Volt check feature ensures uninterrupted cleaning when there is a power cut the cleaning continues from the point it was left. The water filter feature ensures that the water is purified before it is used to clean our clothes.

Whirlpool 360 Degree Bloomwash Ultra


The machine comes with a 6th Sense TumbleCare Technology which washes the clothes in 360-degree motion ensuring great cleaning by rubbing the clothes against each other. It removes over 50 tough stains such as coffee and wine stain. The built-in heater and superior wash technology make cleaning a cakewalk. The machine has 4 unique levels of power drying for different types of clothes.

Smart sensors in the machine senses and indicates low voltage & water level. The smart lint feature removes any lint accumulated during the wash. The machine senses the laundry load inside the tub and recommends detergent dosage accordingly with the help of smart detergent technology.

The device has a premium look and the feel of the hydraulic mechanism of soft closing lids adds to its grandeur. The Dynamix technology ensures that no residue of detergent is left in the clothes increasing the longevity of clothes and the express wash technology cleans less soiled clothes in no time-saving energy as well as detergent. 

Samsung WW65M206L0W:


This machine has an inverter technology motor which makes it highly energy efficient and much less noisy. It also has a metallic drum that is gentle on clothes. It comes with a touch LED Panel for easier use and has an rpm of 1000.

The inbuilt ceramic heater heats the machine quickly and prevents calcium build-up saving energy and making the machine more durable. The silver wash technology ensures that all the bacteria in the dirty clothes are removed preventing many diseases.

The quick wash technology is also a lifesaver as people today have loads of work and very less time this technology cleans less dirty clothes within minutes. The machine also has features like child look which is a very important feature after all the horrid accidents we keep reading about in the newspapers this feature makes us tension free.




This machine comes with a hot wash facility allowing to heat the water up to 60 Degree Celsius along with 6D motion technology which moves the washing drum in various. The inverter direct drive technology decreases vibrations and noises. There are various in-built wash modes such as steam wash that kills bacteria, dust mites, and allergens.

It has a stainless steel drum which not only increases durability but also doesn’t breed bacteria and viruses like plastic drums. The self-diagnosis technology helps to diagnose over 86 errors making the user experience better and hassle-free. The silent motor ensures a peaceful cleaning experience.  This machine has an rpm of 1000 and comes with waterproof touch control. The machine becomes more worthy as it doesn’t provide much noise and vibrations due to the 6D technology.



The 3 spring loaded power scrub technology helps in removing stubborn stains from clothes. The movement and agitation provided by the springs clean the clothes efficiently. The hard water wash keeps the clothes in hard water while maintaining the colour and quality of the clothes. The spa wash technology uses excellent move and drum combination providing 40% less tangling while washing.

The amount of lint is reduced as the machine has 50% lesser holes and thereby provides smooth wash. The smart features like sensors, detergent recommendation, and lint filter give the user a pain-free experience.  ZPF technology fills the tub 50% faster even in low pressure. Express wash technology cleans less dirty clothes really fast saving both time and energy. Dynamic technology makes sure that there is no residue of detergent left in the clothes.

 These are some best washing machines in the market right now. Keeping our clothes clean is important and it can also prevent some bacterial or viral diseases. Choose your gadgets wisely as per your requirement with the help of this article. If you got any other gadgets, let us know by commenting below.

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