Eno And GoldBwoy Drop Go Low


EnoBY Mawunyo Agbeblewu

You may be wondering who this Jiggly Kata aka GoldBwoy figure is and what business he has eating a supposed ‘Chines’ whatever with our dear Eno who is currently enjoying leverage from her rendition of the popular song ‘Tonga’.?

Anyway, you may guess wrongly afterall because an emerging rave of magic is erupting from this ‘couple’ and one is ‘Chines’. It all began from a simple question Jiggly posed to Eno in the studios of @Engine_Records owned by Big Worm. The two had a tet-a-tet about the issue and relayed their views on this banger called ‘Chines’.

You will be amazed how the duo got the heat going with their lyrics when you get the song for free from the link below. @JigglyKata who dropped ‘Go Low’ with Guru a few weeks back is the next big versatile artist out of Ghana and music lovers should watchout for this amazing talent and also connect with him via twitter and facebook.



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