The politics of insult, the politics of antagonism, the politics of ethnic division and the politics of unnecessary sentiment that has characterised the NPP and NDC is a clear signal of a recipe for disaster in this country.

Ghana has come a long way, expected to have politicians who are national interest thinkers and not otherwise. A situation where both political parties, ie the NPP and the NDC are both declaring win win for themselves in the coming 2012 election is a threat to the security and stability of our country Ghana. The intended and ultimate goal of politics of a state, must ensure the continuous provision of the public goods, security and an enabling environment for prosperity. What are we seeing of the NPP and NDC? Enough is enough.

I must state, it is clear that these two political parties, ie the NPP and the NDC are destroying the moral political standard of this country. This malfeasance is not only at the national level of our body politics, but has narrowed to our tertiary institutions as well. Antagonism and attack on each other has descended to the various University campuses especially University of Ghana.

On 20th October 2011, when a TEIN van ie the NDC branch on University of Ghana campus rerouted to make announcement at Akuafo Hall Annex A, it came under attack by students alleged to be NPP supporters. Stones were fired, windscreen and other mirrors got broken. This is a typical example of an ALL DIE BE DIE ATTITUDE. Is this how we want the faith of Ghana to be decided…

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, insecurity anywhere is a threat to security everywhere. This is a reflection that GHANA IS SITTING ON A TIME BOMB OF CIVIL UNREST.

The PPP under Dr. Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, with His humble and respected attitude is what Ghana needs in times like this.

We all wish that this country live to fulfil the creed on which it was established; Freedom and Justice, equality, Good governance and Respect for Human Rights.

Movement for Social Justice
University of Ghana



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