A youth-based environmental charity Greenway Foundation has introduced steps to support Ghana’s forestation agenda to help protect the environment.

When Xinhua met up with Country Director of the foundation, Michael Olusanya, he disclosed plans which were already underway to plant one million trees in schools across the country by 2030.

“In Africa, we plan to plant five million trees, and in Ghana, we have one million trees budgeted for. This is one of the projects we have established,” Olusanya disclosed.

As part of activities to commemorate the World Environment Day, the foundation, supported by the Australian embassy in Ghana has planted 100 fruit trees in the Ayalolo Cluster of Schools in Accra, the country’s capital.

The youth-based environmental organization plants trees only on school compounds because it wants to generate the passion of tree planting and grooming among school children and students, as well as create balanced biodiversity on school compounds and campuses.

“One million trees will be planted by 2030. That is the time we have set, and it is a gradual process, as we have already planted 5,700 trees in schools across the country,” Olusanya disclosed.

The foundation chose to plant these fruit trees including avocado, tangerines, and mango, in schools to let the immediate benefits derived from tree planting convince people about the long-term benefits of forest conservation and forestation.

Francisca Branson, Circuit Supervisor from the Ministry of Education for the Ayalolo Circuit expressed the gratitude of the government and the education ministry to the foundation for the initiative, adding that the trees will help create a more conducive atmosphere in the schools.

She pledged the support of the state actors in the education sector for the initiative to cover all schools in Ghana with fruit trees by 2030.

Experts have called for more tree planting which will help as a check against the severe flooding Ghana has started experiencing in recent years. Enditem



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