Equipment deficiencies hindering Afghans’ ability to perform



THE Increasing capabilities of the Afghan Local Police (ALP) and Afghan National Army was the task given to the US military in a key area of Eastern Afghanistan, but equipment deficiencies were hindering the Afghans’ ability to perform at their highest level. One of the soldiers at the base had worked with Spirit of America before and knew he could reach out to us for help.As we discussed challenges they were facing, it became clear that the ability to effectively communicate was the real issue.

A lack of radios was hindering the ALP’s ability to communicate while on patrol, respond to emergency situations, and maneuver during contact. The impact of this shortfall would be felt not only by the local policemen, but also by the US troops they are working alongside.

This is a critical time in Afghanistan. With coalition forces drawing down, the Taliban are using increasingly ruthless methods to try to intimidate security forces and the population. The Police and Army are truly striving, a day at a time, to create a better and safer Afghanistan. The commitment of the US troops and Afghan counterparts along with the support of our donors is making that “bettertomorrow” not just a possibility, but a reality. Thank you.


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