Healthcare Workers
Healthcare Workers

Western (American and European) Guinea ?Pigism? and the Collaboration of African Elites.

Healthcare Workers
Healthcare Workers

The celebrations in Nigeria on the eradication of Ebola should be squared against the sad reality that about 1 million West Africans are expected to die by next year if the Ebola biological terrorism continues. Our speed to cheer is ill-advised if we do not get a foothold at the problem. The Economic Community of West African States? (ECOWAS) governments need to meet in Nigeria immediately and remove all western sponsored bio-terrorism establishments in West Africa. The Anglo European actions are reminiscent of the offering of molasses, butter, bibles, and gun powder in exchange for human slaves.

Furthermore, decisions need to be made about what is really needed in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. Do we need medical doctors like the contingent from Cuba or foreign troops in West Africa? If the foreign troops remain should they be supervised by ECOMOG soldiers? How do we supply local foods to communities under quarantine? The alternative is to seat tight in fear withdivide and conquer physic, whereas allowing for a biological terrorism holocaust in the region. These are some of the critical issues at stake for the West African people and governments.

As these aforementioned modalities are examined there needs to be the push for parallel investigations to ascertain how Ebola got to West Africa for the first time. Instead of falling prey to the lies of how bats transported Ebola from East Africa to West Africa, the assessments need to focus on all the western bioterrorism research centers in Africa. Why do we have Tulane University, the United States government, the United States Army, and the World Health Organization (WHO) experimenting with Ebola in West Africa?

These independent investigations must also examine the collaboration of African rulers and officials in these ongoing biological warfare disaster. How did the authorities in the affected countries decide to outsource their healthcare systems? When did they start focusing on Ebola instead of tackling diseases like malaria, typhoid fever, and pneumonia that are perennial killers in Africa? Western companies and their officials that offer Africa rulers visas while proceeding to conduct Ebola and other bioterrorism research activities need to be prosecuted at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Whereas, all the infected American Ebola patients have survived, the only African who arrived and became symptomatic was allowed to die under clouds of suspicion in Dallas Texas. Mr. Thomas Eric Duncan?s death was an open letter to the world which categorical states that African Ebola victims who are able to arrive in Western countries are not welcomed here. Ebola has decimated African health workers. But are African rulers and people going to stand by while this primed weapon of mass destruction dislodges the Chinese influence in Africa, imposes foreign troops, and aid the looters.

Nnamdi F. Akwada MSW, BA is a Social Justice Activist


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