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Establishing Ethical Guidelines for AI Deployment in Ghana

Moses Kwasi Baiden Jnr
Moses Kwasi Baiden Jnr

At the 8th Ghana CEO Summit themed “Transforming Ghana’s National Identity Infrastructure through Artificial Intelligence Transformation,” Moses Kwasi Baiden Jnr, CEO and Founder of Margins ID Group, emphasized the urgency of developing a robust ethical and legal framework for the responsible integration of artificial intelligence (AI) within Ghana.

Baiden stressed the necessity of collaborating with international stakeholders while enhancing local capacities to harness AI’s benefits while mitigating potential risks. He cautioned against overlooking concerns such as data privacy breaches and unauthorized access, advocating for the implementation of stringent cybercrime laws and defense mechanisms.

Baiden highlighted the significance of national preparedness for AI integration, urging individuals and institutions to familiarize themselves with AI and cultivate expertise in its application across various sectors. He emphasized that responsible AI integration could profoundly impact Ghana’s socio-economic and political landscape amid the ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Ghana’s advantage in possessing robust identification systems was noted by Baiden, who outlined AI’s potential to enhance scalability, future-proofing, and predictive analysis within the National Identity System. By leveraging AI’s predictive capabilities, accurate data generated by the National Identification system could inform governmental decision-making processes, facilitate resource allocation, and optimize service delivery across sectors.

Furthermore, Baiden emphasized AI’s capacity to utilize data from birth registrations to generate insightful reports, aiding in strategic planning and infrastructure development. For instance, AI-driven analysis could anticipate increased demands on resources based on birth rates, enabling proactive measures to enhance support in education, health, and other essential services.

In essence, Baiden’s call for establishing ethical guidelines and responsible AI integration underscores the critical need for Ghana to navigate the complexities of AI adoption while leveraging its transformative potential for sustainable development and inclusive growth.

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