Ethiopia records 6,959 cyberattack attempts during 2022/2023 fiscal year

Cyber attack

The Ethiopian government said it recorded 6,959 cyberattack attempts during the 2022/2023 fiscal year that ended on July 7.

Ethiopia’s Information Network Security Administration (INSA) said it has rescued more than 23.2 billion Ethiopian birrs (about 416 million U.S. dollars) by thwarting cybercrime attempts during the reported period, state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) reported late Monday.

Cyberattack attempts in Ethiopia often target financial, security, intelligence, media and communication institutions as well as key government institutions and infrastructure, the FBC quoted INSA Director General Solomon Soka as saying.

He said the phenomenon necessitates diligent and concerted efforts to protect the East African country’s cyberspace.

As part of ongoing efforts to promote cybersecurity in Ethiopia, the Ethiopian government has launched the fourth National Cyber Security Month under the theme “Indomitable Cyber Capacity for National Sovereignty.”

Minister of Defense Abraham Belay, in addressing a cybersecurity exhibition launched as part of the month Monday, said while the universal benefits of the spread and development of cyber technology are preserved, it is also clear that cyber crimes are the primary concern for countries across the globe.

“The rapid changes recorded in the dynamic cyberspace, complemented by remarkable innovations in a short period of time, is the reason why countries are at the forefront of civilization in the economic, social, and political spheres,” the FBC quoted the defense minister as saying.

Ethiopia is upgrading its largely traditional basic services infrastructure and government bureaucracy, using cyber technology as a key component.

Since assuming office in April 2018, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who was previously head of the INSA, has engaged in an ambitious drive to introduce cyber technology across all public and private sectors in the country.

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