Ethiopia’s social media ban lifted

Social media apps
Social media apps

The government of Ethiopia has lifted a five-month ban on access to social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Telegram and Youtube.

The ban was imposed in February this year, after three archbishops from the Oromia region accused the leadership of the popular Orthodox Church of discrimination and a lack of diversity, which caused a rival planned protest.

The authorities banned the protests from happening. However, supporters of the Orthodox Church accused the authorities of supporting the breakaway group.

They then vowed online to defy the ban and hold a rally to show their support for the Orthodox Church. This led to a ban on social media and a shutdown of schools in the country.

Only those with access to a virtual private network (VPN) could get on social media platforms, which made the demand for VPNs in Ethiopia skyrocket by 1,430% at the time.

The social media blackout is said to have impacted businesses and cost Ethiopia up to £32 million ($42 million) in losses.

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