The late Honourable Agyare Koi Larbi a former NPP Member of Parliament for Akropong shall forever be remembered for his gallantry and lone ranger role in the fight against misguided ethnocentrism/ regionalism, political bigotry and corruption even if it had to do with his own party.

Knowing the anti-ethnicity crusader for who he was, one may not be far from wrong to say that he should be a worried man in eternity anytime extremist members of his party spew insults and derogatory remarks against a sitting President whose only crime is that he hails from one part of the country,the Northern region.
For the tribalists who go in the guise of activists and politicians, it?s almost a taboo for a Northerner to be entrusted with the responsibility of governance of the country more so when his place of origin is ?resource? strapped, courtesy Mr.Osafo Marfo?s tape.
Hon. Agyare until his departure for eternity took his own party to the cleaners for supporting the Asanteman Council alone out of the numerous traditional councils across the country to access a USD5 million grant from the World Bank.
In a letter dated 15th July, 2004 addressed to the then sitting President J. A. Kufour, copied to the then Vice President, Alhaj Aliu Mahama, Speaker of Parliament, both the Majority and Minority leaders in Parliament, Chairmen of all Political parties among others, heexpressed his deep resentment and strongly criticized the government of his own party without fear or favour for such a short-sighted act.
?The Bretton Woods Institution, World Bank and IMF deal only with governments of countries subscribing to the article of the institution. They give money to governments or states, not feudal chiefs. They also give money to Non-governmental organizations in countries only withthe consent of the government concerned.
?The recent grant of USD5million from the World Bank to the Asanteman Council is a case in point. The World Bank must have given the money only on the express consent and/or request of the Ghana Government.
?My problem is that if the government felt it wanted to take advantage of any World Bank programme for indigenous people, why did it not make the request for the National House of Chiefs rather than for a particular chief and a particular region?.
?Blatant discriminatory policies of this nature undermine the unity of the country. The precedent set here is dangerous and opens the door to ethnocentrism. What prevents another government from sourcing funds for chiefs in Accra to develop the slums in Accra? Or say funds for the Fante and Ewe Chiefs to develop their coastal areas?
?The list of negative possibilities is endless. To proceed further to encourage the World Bank and IMF to give loans or grants to a chief or chiefs for water projects in regions of the country is an inconceivable short-sightedness? the courageous crusader chastised.
?The action of the Present government with respect to chieftaincy is leaving many well-meaning Ghanaians wondering whether the NPP is not being converted into an ethnic party. When the NPP was formed in 1992 very ingenuous and persistent efforts were made to refute allegations of the NPP as an ethnic party. The rewarding effort by many ordinary members of the NPP is being undermined by some seemingly deliberate government policies? he lamented.
Unfortunately much against the worry and concerns of this great son of the land, the Akyem mafia led present day NPP has demonstrated so glaringly to Ghanaians that the party is an ethnic one.
They are no more shy about it and tend to have grudges with party members who seek to sincerely caution the party about the issue of ethnicity as the late Honourable used to do. The tribal and political bigots in the NPP even feel there is nothing wrong if the NPP is seen as an ethnic party.
Now that a Northerner is once again in power their venom is turned much against Northerners. This is reflected in their misguided anti-Northern effusions on radio, taxi cabs,?trotros? and other public places. This is an obvious revisit of what was done to ex-President Dr.Hilla Liman on President John Dramani Mahama.
The leadership of the NPP cannot tell Ghanaians that they are not aware of the insults hurled at Northerners and since they don?t issue statements to chastise their extremists who do so then it is assumed that they consent of it.
The extremists seem to be simply re-ehoeing their leaders earlier mantras- ?Yen Akanfour dea?(As for we Akans) and ?All die be die? to the extent that when they are denigrating Northerners they seem to forget that their own Vice Presidential flag bearer is a Northerner. Or is it another clear and blatant indication that they really don?t have any regard for him as a Northerner but he is just being merely used to garner Northern/Zongo communities? votes like was done in the case of the late AlhajAliuMahama?.
As in the words of the Honourable Agyare Koi Larbi of blessed memory,it is the responsibility of every elected government to guard and preserve the cohesion and unity of the country and to eschew acts and policies that tend to undermine it.
Corporate Ghana has ten shareholders who are all important. Minus any one of them the map of Ghana is incomplete irrespective of its size and its perceived and imaginary lack of resources.
No one Ghanaian is untouchable, more important and more Ghanaian than another one Ghanaian simply by virtue of one?s ethnic and geographical area of origin.
The notion held by some extremist Akan tribalists that Akans are superior and more important than members of the other Ghanaian ethnic groups and should be the sole rulers of Ghana are inconceivable madness and a sign of primitivism. This must be discredited, condemned and permanently abandoned for the sake of national unity and stability.

Source: The Alhajj

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