Euro 2024 Insights: David Tops Names, January Birthdays Dominate


In a sweeping analysis by EURO 2024 Research of over 3400 EURO squad members, intriguing patterns have emerged that shed light on the demographics of players gracing the prestigious UEFA EURO Championship over its storied history.

Name Dominance: Among the plethora of players, “David” emerges as the most prevalent name, adorning 36 squad members. Following closely behind is “Jan”, a name carried by 34 players, highlighting its popularity across EURO squads.

Birthdate Trends: January proves to be the favored birth month among EURO players, boasting 337 individuals, closely trailed by February with 332 players. Remarkably, Thursday stands as the most common day of birth, accommodating 546 players, underlining the statistical significance of this particular weekday in EURO player demographics.

Astrological Insights: Delving into star signs, the majority of EURO players fall under the Pisces sign, with 333 individuals, followed closely by Aquarius with 324 players. This celestial trend further adds depth to the player profiles.

Birth City Hotspots: Moscow emerges as the city most prolific in producing EURO players, with 52 born athletes. Copenhagen and London follow with 41 and 38 players respectively, showcasing their contribution to Europe’s footballing elite.

Physical Characteristics: On average, EURO squad players clock in at 26.03 years of age, with an average height of 182.3 cm, reflecting the diversity in physical builds among these top-tier athletes.

EURO Winners’ Profile: When analyzing EURO champions, names like “Bernard” and “Jan” stand out, each boasting 4 winners. “J” takes the lead as the most common first name initial among champions, with 37 victors, closely trailed by “A” with 32. October and March share the limelight as the most frequent birth months for winners, each claiming 31 victories, while Thursday continues its dominance as the favored day of birth, hosting 52 champions.

Zodiac and Origins of Champions: Capricorn leads the zodiac sign chart among EURO winners, with 35 players, followed by Leo with 33. Moscow remains the foremost birth city for champions, producing 7 EURO winners, with Copenhagen and Madrid following closely with 6 and 5 respectively.

Data Collection and Analysis: This comprehensive study spans all 17 editions of the UEFA EURO Championship from its inception in 1960 to the present day, encompassing data from over 4600 player appearances and 3400 individual players. Players with multiple appearances were counted only once per category, ensuring an accurate portrayal of EURO demographics.

This in-depth exploration provides invaluable insights into the diverse characteristics and trends among EURO players and winners, enriching our understanding of the tournament’s dynamic history.

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