European Investment Bank Highlights on women and girls


The European Investment Bank (EIB) is partnering again with One World Media (OWM) to shine a light on underreported stories from around the world that challenge stereotypes, change existing narratives, and foster cross-cultural engagement and understanding.

Working with One World Media, the EIB sponsors an award designed to celebrate excellence in media coverage of stories featuring solutions by and for girls and women that tackle current challenges. This award is for media, including broadcast, digital, audio, film and print, that explore “women’s solutions in the global south”. Reporting can showcase stories of girls and women who have successfully contributed to tackling challenges faced by women and society at large: solutions to improve financial and economic inclusion, solutions that address the impact of climate change and protect the environment, solutions that increase access to education and healthcare, or that more generally empower women and girls.

One World Media is a non-profit organisation founded over 30 years ago by a group of journalists who recognised that international reporting at that time was limited and often reinforced stereotypes. Since then, One World Media has been supporting journalists and filmmakers globally to tell stories that inform and connect us all.

One World Media’s Director Vivienne Francis said: “At a time when the rights and freedoms of women and girls around the world continue to be at risk, the One World Media Awards are proud to support storytelling that ensures these issues get the attention they deserve. These stories serve as a reminder of the power of journalism to transform lives and ignite social change.”

EIB Vice-President responsible for gender equality at the EU bank Thomas Östros said: “The EIB addresses systemic gender inequality through its investment by upholding the rights of girls and women, backing projects increasing opportunities for women, and financing women entrepreneurs and women-led companies. Our work around the 2X Challenge for instance, which aims to unlock gender-smart investment at scale, has shown us how everyone gains when women and girls are given the chance to improve their lives. And inspirational stories like the ones competing for the Women’s Solutions Reporting Award contribute to this by showing the way.”

Head of the EIB Social Policy Unit Yasmine Pagni, who will be one of the judges of the Women’s Solutions Reporting Award, said: “It is crucial to hear about the women and girls shaping our world, particularly those contributing to the improvement of women’s financial and economic inclusion, combating climate change, and expanding access to education and healthcare, all while empowering fellow women. While there is still more work to be done to achieve gender equality worldwide, I am hopeful that the stories competing this year will inspire many other successful initiatives and guide us forward.”

The 2024 One World Media Awards are open for entries until 8 February 2024.

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