European Union Round Table to mark Environmental Day  

EU mark Environmental Day in Ghana
EU mark Environmental Day in Ghana

The Delegation of the European Union to Ghana organised, on 4 June 2021, a round table in  Accra to discuss available options to regreen Ghana, identify and propose ideas and solutions  to involve communities and to increase the sustainability of the processes.  

The roundtable was to mark World Environmental Day, which fell on 5 June 2021 on the global  theme: “Ecosystem Restoration”. It was about preventing, halting, and reversing  environmental damages to the Earth’s ecosystems.  

The roundtable in Accra was to enable participants including the representatives of EU funded  projects in Ghana, the government agencies, international organisations, and NGOs, to  brainstorm on how to involve communities in greening efforts.  

The EU Ambassador to Ghana, Mrs Diana Acconcia and other stakeholders, Dr Joyce  Rosalind Aryee, Co-chair of the 5 Million Green Ghana Project, Ms Rita Weidinger Director of  ComCashew programme and coordinator of the EU REACH project; Mr Edward Anaba  Akunyagra from World vision and project manager of the EU Reversing Land Degradation  project; Mr Michael O. Misbah, Director from GreenWay International and Mr Richmond  Quarcoo, Director from Plastic Punch joined in the discussion.  

The participants agreed on the following recommendations:  

  1. Collaboration to create awareness and behaviour change  

 Collaborate and partner with other entities. This leads to better results and promotes  a collective effort towards a behaviour change.  

 Engage and involve communities, in particular women and traditional leaders in  reforestation.  

 Explain at school why tree planting and reforestation is important to protect the  environment and biodiversity.  

 Promote and communicate all over Ghana the Green Ghana project.  

  1. Prepare well where to plant trees  

 Identify and plan, together with the district assemblies, proper places for tree planting  and reforestation.  

 Plant trees close to the sea. This avoids coastal erosion and protects the beaches.  

  1. Trees as a business opportunity  

 Have a market oriented approach and combine tree planting with agriculture practices   Promote the tree planting as a business opportunity and a possibility to increase the  income of the households.  

  1. Maintenance and evaluation  

 To increase the survival rate, nurture and maintain the trees after planting. 



 Avoid to wrap the seedlings in plastic bags: identify a more sustainable way to protect  them.  

 Assess the impact of the ‘Five million trees’ initiatives and guarantee the sustainability  of the project.  

Issued by the European Union Delegation to Ghana


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