Evelyn TB Joshua and the cabals that infiltrate the SCOAN

Synagogue Church
Synagogue Church

The current crisis at the Synagogue Church of All Nations cannot be said to be a case of leadership tussle. Rather, it is the result of desperation by certain cabals in the Lord’s vineyard, instigating someone to forcefully take over the position of leadership without minding the damaging consequences of their actions. Mrs Evelyn Joshua, widow of the late Founder and General Overseer of The Synagogue Church, Of All Nations, Prophet TB Joshua, aided by these cabals, took over the administration of the Church unduly right from the very moment the man of God passed on to glory.

Firstly, She evicted all the Ministry’s Prayer Warriors from the Prayer Mountain of the Church, padlocked the Accounts office and compelled all the Church workers to start reporting to her in her apartment I am a worker in the Church and till now I still work there and I have all the details of everything that has transpired between madam and the disciples but I am not happy with the way they are trying to rubbish the good work our father in the LORD had laboured hard to build over the years. My heart bleeds to see all that is happening now. I know I could be fired if they get to know that I am revealing all these but I have to say it because many fake stories have been trending on social media.

Daddy has taught us that leadership position in any Apostolic ministry like Synagogue Church of All Nations can only be by pure grace of God through the anointing of the Holy Ghost. The late Senior Prophet received the divine ordination to lead this great ministry for over three decades and God used him to anoint five Prophets who, according to him, were already positioned to continue the ministry after him. It is obvious and an undeniable fact that in the last few years, the Prophet had remained in the background and allowed the junior prophets to conduct most of the Church services. Neither the wife nor any of his daughters have really been in the picture because whilst madam was minding her fashion business, the first daughter who is a Barrister opted for marriage and the Second daughter chose to pursue her educational career.

None of them was really interested in the kingdom business, even though the Prophet tried hard to fit them in. I even read the Prophet’s last interview which he granted This Day newspaper before passing on to glory, which was published on the 13th of June 2021, TB Joshua stated categorically that the Church was not a family business but an inheritance of the saints. He said in that interview that he could not display his wife because the anointing of the Holy Spirit was a divine endowment that could only be received by those who make themselves available to God. So it is not an issue of man’s ordination, election, self imposition or by any court injunction. If God elevates one to such position of spiritual leadership, He would make him fit for it, otherwise it’s a dangerous mission!

The facts on the ground is that immediately after Prophet TB Joshua was called to glory, his wife, Mrs Evelyn Joshua claimed to be the only person qualified to succeed the Prophet as the General Overseer of the Church being his widow. Meanwhile, I heard that the Prophet had removed her from being a trustee of the Church before his demise, which denied madam any legal ground to assume the leadership position. Besides, Mummy started nursing plans to introduce some strange doctrines into the system that were inconsistent with what Prophet TB Joshua had laid down and practiced since the inception of the Ministry. The Church administrative structure was functional and did not require such drastic changes because there were departments and each department has Coordinators. But She insisted that everything must change immediately. Although the disciples too have their own problems because mummy complained that some of them have been disrespecting her and sometimes they do things without carrying mummy along. Maybe it is because mummy has not really been participating in the field work with them when the Prophet was alive.

But the disciples, I mean the Evangelists and the 5 prophets have been trained and anointed by the Senior Prophet to handle the Church administration. They insisted that the Prophet’s unique legacy must be maintained even if she or any one else eventually became the leader of the Church, which Mrs Joshua strongly disagreed and this became the real bone of contention.

I was even made to understand that whilst everyone was in a mourning mood and busy with all the arrangements for the late Prophet’s burial, Mummy Evelyn, in collaboration with two lawyers of the Church, were making secret plans to bring her back on board as Trustee of the Church because I heard that the Prophet removed her before he passed on. Promise, their 2nd daughter was already a Trustee, they also wanted the eldest daughter, Serah who is married to a Tanzanian to join. That would make up three family members and only one disciple. So the fear was that together, the three could form a formidable force as a majority and remove the only disciples Trustee and consequently, the family takes over the Church which the disciples say is against the wish of the Man of God. Even when the Evangelist demanded that some other Evangelists or prophets should also be added to the board so as to be equally represented since they were practically in charge of the affairs of the Ministry, the request was turned down by Mrs Evelyn. And since agreement could not be reached after several discussions, in a bid to coerce the disciples to succumb to her quest, Mrs Evelyn Joshua resorted to harassment, blackmail and intimidation against the Evangelists and prophets, using the Church Security personnel, the DPO with his officers from Ikotun Division. For example, when a gentleman who was a fitness professional from Thailand died in the midst of these crises, Mrs Evelyn Joshua and Promise her daughter wanted to use the DPO to institute a murder case against the disciples whom she accused of murder until the autopsy report proved that the gentleman died of cardiac arrest. All the workers in the Church from various departments were compelled to report to mummy and she turned them against the disciples who used to coordinate them before but could no longer relate with the workers.

This continued until the 9th of September when two members of the Church allegedly went to a Federal High Court to secure an order to reinstate Mrs Evelyn as a Trustee. She was also alleged to have invited some members of the Church wiithout the knowledge of Joseph who is a Trustee and the Church Secretary, and in the presence of the members, she was proclaimed a new Trustee of the SCOAN and immediately assumed the position of leadership as General Overseer of the Ministry.

As soon as this was done, some security operatives who had been put on standby within the Church premises immediately swung into action. They invaded the Church and the prayer mountain which is few minutes drive from the Church simultaneously. The prayer mountain has been the residence of the late Senior Prophet, the five junior prophets and some of the Evangelists, while the rest Evangelists stayed at the Church. The disciples and the five prophets which includes an American, a Briton, a French and two Nigerians were forcefully ejected from the prayer mountain and carried to the Church. Their rooms were broken into and ransacked. Meanwhile, the Evangelists in the Church were also rounded up and manhandled by the security operatives and the Church Security personnel as they pulled them out of their various departments and some ex-workers and ex-disciples were immediately drafted in to take over those departments which includes the Accounts, Studios and Emmanuel TV transmission room. They assaulted some Evangelists working in the Studios and forcibly obtained all the system passwords from them. The five Prophets and Evangelists, both Nigerians and foreign nationals were held hostage the whole day and their handsets seized from them.

That same evening, all the Nigerian disciples were shamefully flushed out of the the Church premises, and the foreign ones are still held in custody. Those whose names are not on the EFCC for alleged fraud, theft, money laundering and murder have been deported. Others, including the prophets and prophetess are currently under strict surveillance within the Church premises and were also told that they must go back to their various countries as soon as the EFCC is done with them. The twist in the whole saga now is that Mrs Evelyn Joshua has suddenly promised to withdraw both her petition against them at the Immigration Headquarters in Abuja and the EFCC case. Currently Mrs Joshua has established her human leadership in the SCOAN. It took the intervention of the Police authorities to withdraw most of the security operatives which she had employed to occupy every nook and cranny of the Church premises.

By Stella Wood

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