Ex-Gambian leader responding to medica treatment

hospital equipment

The former Gambian president Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara is recovering well from his sickness at the hospital in Senegal, family sources told Xinhua on Thursday. hospital equipment
Although it is not yet cleared yet what type of sickness the former Gambian president is suffering from, he was admitted in a hospital in Dakar in mid-February.
According to one of his nephews, the first Gambian president was showing signs of improvement and is receiving visits from his family members after weeks of stay in the hospital.
“Uncle Sir Dawda is recovering well and he is looking very fine, good and strong and soon he will be released from the hospital,” said his nephew. “We thank all those who supported us during this terrible time whether in physical or in heart, and our doctors too for their tireless support”.
The 91 year old was hospitalized since February for the first time, although he attended regular medical check-up in abroad due to his old age.
Last week he was announced dead in popular social media of Facebook which caused panic in West African nation. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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