Joyce Dzidzor Mensah
Joyce Dzidzor Mensah

For once the politicians were pushed backstage.

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah
Joyce Dzidzor Mensah

Not even the conversion of Kumasi Airport to International status could capture the banner headlines. NDC congress was pushed elsewhere.

Ruling the airwaves and commanding front pages of the daily tabloids was the epic unbelievable story of Her Excellency (or is it Her Notoriety) the HIV Ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah.

She came out boldly to declare that in fact she has NEVER had AIDS, which means all along she has been taking the whole nation for a ride, pretending to be an HIV patient while she is not, getting reverence prayers and respect (with concomitant by product of financial rewards here and there) when in fact it was one gigantic fraud on the nation.

I listened to the debate on the airwaves between lawyer Maurice Ampaw and Her Excellency and I confess I was not convinced by the answers given by Her Excellency.

I have also read the full detailed statement released by the Ghana Aids Commission in response to Joyce Mensah?s obfuscating bombshell and I think there is something that meets the eye.

You see, the Ghana Aids Commission made a categorical statement which must be underlined, and that is that they cannot for the sake of ethics declare the medical status of a patient.

What this means is that the only person who can authoritatively declare as to whether Joyce is HIV positive or negative is she herself, because no qualified medical personnel will betray his or her oath and say so in public ? even if it is negative.

Can we deduce her status by looking at other sources ? we are told that she is or has been a member of the National Association of Persons Living with HIV Aids since 2007; we are told she has been frequenting certain health facilities for some kind of treatment.

Personally, these sources are not convincing enough. We need to probe more.

According to the Ghana Aids Commission, they signed a contract with her in August 2011 making her AIDS Ambassador, but on 12th November 2012 they terminated the contract.

They cite as reasons for the termination the constant breaches she made of the contract: failing regularly to honour appointments, failing to meet colleague coordinators and several breaches of similar manner.

As the AIDS Commission themselves stated there are today at least three correct people who are seriously working as AIDS Ambassadors carrying on the campaign to destigmatise persons living with AIDS.

Why is Joyce alone a problem?

The first theory that comes up is that perhaps truly Joyce has never had AIDS but that she saw in this campaign an opportunity to make a lot of money.

Indeed hearing her on radio, talking about how she insisted that persons who invited her needed to pay for her transport and hotel bills, the only conclusion one can come to irresistibly is that her bread was being buttered by innocent sources.

She went only where she could make financial gain, so those contractual appointments where she had to meet coordinators and consultants bored her stiff ? so she refused to honour them, and officialdom doubted her commitment, so they cashiered her.

She was not an AIDS Ambassador, rather, she was a gold digger. Period.

Another theory which I am tempted to dismiss peremptorily is that pubable she was indeed an HIV positive patient, but after regularly taking the drug she has been healed so she is covering up her dark days.

I think the latter theory is very porous, because if indeed she were to have been HIV positive, she definitely would have taken her Ambassadorial duties very seriously.

It seems to me that Joyce is living in torment. She has made so much noise about her being AIDS Ambassador that in her private circle of friends they actually believe she is HIV positive, but because she is not being honest with her Ambassadorial duties she has been sacked and she cannot for self pride confess that she has been sacked, meanwhile she is finding it difficult integrating to society, so why don?t I confess that after all I was being fraudulent?

Regrettably that has worsened matters.

You know, reader, the average man on the street is a very gullible person. He is so busy with his personal problems that he has no time to cross check your credentials.

One day I sent my law clerk to Ho District Court to give a letter to the Registrar of the Court for a date in a case that was pending. When he returned he told me an incredible story.

He said he got to Ho, saw the Registrar, who directed him to go and give the letter to the Court clerk. He, my clerk, was neatly dressed, wearing black suit with shinning white shirt. Everybody took him as a young fresh lawyer, and because he has been following me to Court a million times he was very familiar with courtroom games.

Fortunately for him there was no lawyer around; so he had a field day. Just then ?Court Rise? and His Worship walked in – an elderly man, bespectacled, on the verge of proceeding on retirement.

My clerk bowed, mentioned the case, said he was holding my brief, took a date and left!!!!!

If persons living with HIV form an Association and at a meeting Joyce Dzidzor Mensah walks in, and takes a seat, which of them would be bold enough to ask her that ?Madam, please, are you also living with AIDS??

Or if she enters any health facility and says she is Her Excellency Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, AIDS Ambassador and she wants AIDS drugs, do you think even the pharmacist would ask, ?where is your prescription??

The only regrettable aspect of this whole Joyce Mensah saga is that unfortunately for her no serious person will believe a word from her henceforth ? unless she decides to emigrate to an entirely new environment, like Papua New Guinea, Haiti or Comoros Islands, and build a completely new life.

Too bad, your Excellency.

Source: Nkrabea Effah Darteh

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