Kaakie shows another side of her music versatility in a new song “Roof Is On Fire” due for release on October 22nd, produced by JMJ Baby.

The song has a good blend of creole on a groovy beat. As always, the ‘naughty signature’ Kaakie is best known with wasn’t left out of the song; but was strategically done as a very clean version that can play on radio. The song also throws more light on her fanbase having fan with her (Kaakie) amid partying.

Even though Kaakie has been quiet all year, she seems to be bragging a lot about her ‘bank book’ in songs. She boasts about her status as the maiden Dancehall Queen who is the “international currency spender” and the “other girls never bad and mad” like how she runs it in the game.

“Roof Is On Fire” would be Kaakie’s 4th single released in 2014 under her signed label, Xtra Large Music.


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