Expert Explains Why The Arrival Of Winter Is Best Time To Treat Cellulite


Winter is coming and some people don’t know it, but this is the best time of the year to perform skin care procedures, including chemical peelings, micro focused ultrasound, pulsed light, and laser treatments and, mainly, collagen bio stimulation and cellulite subcision. 

“There are two main reasons why winter is the most suitable time for these treatments. The first concerns post-procedure recovery, as the skin is very sensitive. One of the main recommendations is strict protection against exposure to the sun, which can stain the skin. The second is really for the result, after all, for you to be able to see the real effect of a procedure like this, it takes time, and everyone wants to have the perfect body for the summer”, explains Dr. Hamilton Couto, who is a reference in achievement in the area. 

Cellulite subcision is a surgical procedure that consists of breaking the fibrous septa of the skin, which cause the divisions that origin cellulite “holes”. The technique corrects the relief of the skin and can even correct scars. “It’s not even just for the aesthetic issue, we manage to treat the discomfort and even the possible pain caused by the most advanced levels of cellulite”, explains the specialist. 

Even though it is a quick and minimally invasive method, with only local anaesthesia applied, the technique ends up leaving bruises on the skin, which may take longer to disappear if there is exposure to the sun. “That’s because heat stimulates blood circulation at the site, making it difficult for brands to absorb”.

As the solar incidence is lower in winter, it is much easier to follow this guideline strictly. Even so, it is necessary to maintain other precautions such as using milder soaps, moisturizing products, and sunscreen.

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