Experts say US-China pact reinforces world peace and security

The recent agreement between China and the United States over a number of key economic and security issues will positively impact the international peace and security, Egyptian experts said.

Chinese President Xi Jinping
Chinese President Xi Jinping

by Mahmoud Fouly, Marwa Yahia

Chinese President Xi Jinping has recently concluded a visit to the United States at the invitation of his American counterpart Barack Obama where both leaders agreed to enhance economic cooperation and reiterated commitment in maintaining strong bilateral ties in favor of world peace, stability and security.

Chinese President Xi Jinping
Chinese President Xi Jinping
“The two sides agreed that, as permanent members of the United Nations (UN) Security Council and countries with important global influence, China and the United States should remain committed to contributing to the peace, stability and prosperity of the world and the region,” said a briefing from the Chinese Foreign Ministry on the main outcomes of the Xi-Obama talks.

The two powerful states also agreed to cooperate in fighting against terrorism, corruption and climate change besides their commitment to finance, trade and economic cooperation.

“China has good efforts in maintaining world peace, and reaching commitment and agreement with the United States in this regard is a very positive move for the world security,” Heba Farag, professor of international relations at Cairo University, told Xinhua.

The professor said the two countries still have differences over some regional issues, but the understanding on fighting terrorism and maintaining world peace means “a balance in ties between the two main world powers.”
Meanwhile, experts appreciate China for its peaceful policies, non-interference in other countries’ domestic affairs and treating other states on the basis of mutual respect and interest.

“China has no imperial ambitions and it has never deployed its troops in other countries,” Farag said.
Stressing the major role played by the UN and peacekeepers to maintain world peace, the Chinese and U.S. leaders agreed to further their robust commitments to international peacekeeping efforts, stressing the need to deepen the partnership between the UN and the African Union in peacekeeping operations.

“Xi’s visit to Washington and the understanding between the two countries on military, peacekeeping and counter-terrorism cooperation will certainly create balance in the world and contribute to the world security and stability,” said Nourhan al-Sheikh, professor of political sciences at Cairo University.

The expert also described the ties between China and the United States as “very good” especially at the economic level.

According to the official briefing, both China and the United States agreed to promote “strong and open global economy, inclusive growth and sustainable development, and a stable international financial system.”

Professor Yasser Gadallah, chairman of the Chinese Studies Center at Cairo-based Helawn University, also sees that the agreement between Xi and Obama to promote economic cooperation will achieve stability for the world economy.

“Such an agreement between the two giant economies will undoubtedly have a very positive impact on the international economy and will protect the world from economic stagnation possibilities,” Gadallah told Xinhua.

The professor concluded that the economic ties between the two countries are “very strong,” and the mutual cooperation between such two main powers is likely to prevent future economic crisis. Enditem

Source: Xinhua

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