Exploring Creatives Communities In Africa And Diaspora With Trips With Dibs

Dibs Press
Dibs Press

One of the fastest-rising creatives in London, Nigerian-born DJ, artist, and filmmaker Adiba Maduegbuna (Dibs), who has over the last few years been carving her path within the creative community in London through her co-founded collective Mothaland, added to her already growing portfolio with the introduction of her YouTube show “Trips With Dibs.”

The show follows Dibs’ exploration of African and diaspora creative communities while showcasing her interests in music, events, and the arts. After a successful debut season in which she shared her life as a DJ and creative in London, highlighting the culture, lifestyle, and events space. She returns for the second season this year.

Launched in April, the second season follows her trips to New York and Accra, in which she highlights the culture, history, creativity, and lifestyle across both cities. The New York episodes feature her adventures across Brooklyn and Manhattan, in which she shares her experiences in nightlife spaces such as the Jolene Sound Room and Manhattan’s world-famous car club. As well as her interactions with DJ and producer Kyle Blackman and a conversation with the legendary DJ Rich Medina, who shares a history of NYC nightlife and DJ culture in the region.
The Accra episodes cover Accra’s vibrant nightlife, art-tech scene, and music communities. Dibs highlights her experience as an attendee of the January 2024 iMullar Sound System & Afrobeats to the World edition, featuring acts like DJ/Producer Ethan Tomas and Monicashflow. She also had a conversation with the music collective SuperJazzClub, where they talked about touring Europe and their next album dropping soon. The episodes also feature places like Palm Moments and Vibrate Space, her visits to the Accra Arts and crafts centre, the Old Quarter, Jamestown, Labadi Beach, and the historic Black Star Square. As someone who dabbles in tech, she shares her attendance at Immerse Ghana’s “Echoes of Ghana” exhibition, which displayed the beautiful relationship between tech and the arts.

Through it all, “Trips with Dibs” highlights the amazing people, culture, and wonderful lifestyle in Africa and the diaspora while providing a perspective of her life as a DJ, artist, and filmmaker travelling the world. You can follow the show “Trips with Dibs,” which is streaming on YouTube.

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