ISI handler Sajjad Hossain with his wife waiting for client in Houston, Texas
ISI handler Sajjad Hossain with his wife waiting for client in Houston, Texas

In a summer evening of 2010, I was waiting to meet a guest at the lobby of Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel in Dhaka. As it was a Thursday evening, lots of young couples were flocking into the hotel’s ballroom to attend a disco party. This is one of the regular nightlife activities of the Thursday evening in the Muslim-dominated city. Though generally discos are banned as per the existing rules of the country, similar events at most of the five-star hotels and clubs are regular. My guest was getting late and I just walked into the pool-bar of the hotel to relieve myself from the stress of being waiting for someone who doesn’t keep time. Suddenly someone in the adjacent table caught my attention. It was again another couple, not young. The man was possibly 58 while the woman around 37-38. She was looking at me and at one stage the man came to my table and asked, “Do you want a company?” I was sure that it wasn’t the time for me to looking for a company as I had a serious business meeting that evening. But still, I asked the man to join me in my table. He called the woman and we ordered for chilled beer.

During conversation, the man introduced himself as M. Sajjad Hossain and her woman was his wife, Nahid Parvin Neeru. She is a sex worker, while the husband works as her pimp. As my guests didn’t show up even in an hour, I had to return to my room with Neeru by paying her husband fifteen thousand takas for the night.

I became a bit curious to know the mystery behind this couple. In the room, I offered Neeru more drinks, and this time beer mixed with whiskey. She quickly got drunk and that is what I have been exactly looking for. I started interrogating her in a way that she could not actually realize.

What I learned from Neeru is, her husband used to work as a contact of Pakistani security agency Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) and later was engaged in collecting vital information for ISI as well as helping the agency in circulation counterfeit Indian currency. The couple was visiting India without any visa through India-Bangladesh borders. In India, her husband was meeting some people, and what Neeru had assumed were members from the separatist groups in the northeastern states in that country.

I asked Neeru, as her husband seems to be making lots of money from ISI, why she continues the profession of a sex worker. In reply, she said, her husband was an extremely greedy person while she had to sleep with many individuals, including many top officials in the civil-military administration and that had actually turned her into a sex worker. I asked if she sleeps with them for money. In a surprised voice, Neeru replied, “Not for money really. I sleep with them to extract some information or even get hold of documents as required by ISI.”

The most disturbing part was, Neeru and her husband was blackmailing those civil-military officials through secretly shooted videos and were compelling them in complying with the request of Sajjad Hossain.

After my return from Dhaka, Sajjad Hossain and Neeru were maintaining communications with me via email and a few months later, Neeru said, she was migrating to the United States along with her husband Sajjad and their only son Asif Hossain.

Since then, the couple is living in Houston, Texas in the US and according to media reports, Sajjad Hossain, his wife, and son are now working for Islamic State as their handler. Most definitely the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other security agencies in the US are in complete dark about the vicious activities of this couple and their son.

According to media reports, Sajjad Hossain is facing several criminal charges in Bangladesh, including murder, rape, extortion, dealing in arms and narcotics.


  1. Thanks to News Ghana for exposing this very important news.

    In 2013, M. Sajjad Hossain borrowed some money from my elder brother with the promise of returning in a week. But later he never did return. We went to his house in Dhaka’s Dhanmondi area on a number of occasions and each time Sajjad had played various types of tricks in simply skipping the payment. Subsequently, we came to know from the security guard of that building that Sajjad is a renown fraud, who has cheated lots of people in numerous ways. His wife Neeru not only is a prostitute, but she also is another fraud of the highest order.

    We also came to know from a local journalist in Bangladesh named Lieutenant (Retired) Abu Rushd, the editor-in-chief of Defence Journal that Sajjad Hossain had also borrowed money from him and without refunding had fled to the United States. Mr. Rushd confirmed, Sajjad is working for Pakistani ISI for many years.

    How these people still are residing in the US? Don’t they pose a grave threat to America’s security?

    • Mr. Mizanur Rahman, (if you really bear this name) – would you please tell the name of your elder brother from whom I ‘borrowed’ money as you said? On which date of 2013 you came to my Dhanmondi home? Please let me know. For your kind information, I was in USA for the most of the time of 2013. You have You tried to spill dirt on my wife’s character, only the cowards do this filthy practice. You should be aware of the fact that you have also mother, sisters. may be wife. You will be paid off by the same coin anytime, not by me, but by the natural discourse, because truth shall always prevail, not the falsehood. I don’t have any personal grudge against you because you have been made to do this nuisance by someone. The wrongdoers do not last for eternity, they are fallible, it is only the matter of time. God Bless you brother.

  2. The description of the incident depicted in this article is so pathetic, so erroneous that one will merely call this an act of journalism. I believe that the author of this piece of BS was under the influence of marijuana or something like that. But, this was a very ill-conceived attempt on my reputation and an act of character assassination. For the kind information of the author (of this garbage), I would simply like to say that he should have done proper’homework’ before writing. I want to make this loud & clear that I had never been to Hotel Sonargaon at Dhaka after December, 2001. Last time I visited that to attend an Iftaar Party hosted by Bangladesh Jatiya Party and the then Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia was the chief guest at that Iftaar. So, the Thursday Night’ s Disco Party and all those ‘stories’ are the ‘produce of the fertile brain’ of the author. Regarding the so-called ‘criminal cases’ – mentioned in this garbage are totally baseless and false. I would have been happy if the aothor had mentioned the details of the case reports, including the case numbers and sections of the CRPC. By the way, last time I left Dhaka on 25 June, 2018, had I been wanted by the authority, I could not have even crossed the immigration at Dhaka International Airport. So, my advice to the Editor of this so-called news po

  3. The above comment was posted by accident by me, before completing the draft. Please read my comments along with the one posted above. What I want to say in nutshell is appended below;
    1. The “Sonargaon Hotel Story’ is false and manufactured as I have already mentioned that I have never visited Hotel Sonargaon at Dhaka after December, 2001.
    2. Please let me know which media of Bangladesh (you have referred to) covered about those so-called cases? It is none, because there is no cases against me in Bangladesh.
    3. I know the ‘mastermind’ behind this character assassination and he shall be taken care of by the Bangladesh authority – sooner or later.
    Finally, my advice for the Editor of this portal would be that you should follow the basic/fundamental norms & ethics of the journalism by verifying and corroborating the news against any individual. That’s all for the moment. Thanks.
    Sajjad Hossain
    Houston, TX


  4. First of all, I apologize to you all for posting the above incomplete comments, it was done by mistake. Please read this part along with the above comments. I want to sum up my comments;
    1. The “Sonargaon episode’ is false and manufactured by reporter or author. I have never visited Hotel Sonargaon at Dhaka after 21 December, 2001. So, the question of proof or disproof does not arise.
    2. The author said , referring to Bangladesh media that there are number of criminal case against me, but he failed to name or cite any proof of that. I want him very humbly – to name any news paper which has covered those cases. I know there is none, zero. This has been a part of vicious propaganda and character assassination against me and my family by a group of anti-people thugs since the aftermath of the farcical Election of 30 December, 2018 in Bangladesh,
    3. My only advice to the Editor of this portal is that you should follow the basic fundamental principles, norms & ethics of journalism by verifying and corroborating the news item aimed at character assassination and abusing any individual. If you don’t, then you are also the part of the crime.
    I know the so-called ‘mastermind’ behind this garbage and I can rest assure you that he is going to be taken care of by the Bangladesh Authority – sooner or later.
    Thanking you.
    Sajjad Hossain
    Houston, TX, USA
    02 July, 2019


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