Face Your Challenges and Conquer Them with 3 Pro Tips from Abid Dharamsey

Abid Dharamsey
Abid Dharamsey

No matter what you choose to do with your life, you’ll likely experience obstacles between yourself and your goals. While everybody’s challenges are unique, it’s possible to learn some common steps that will help you move forward no matter what. Abid Dharamsey is a social media marketer, and here he shares three steps that he has learned in his journey to the top to overcome life’s obstacles.


Face your problems head-on.


Before you can deal with a struggle, you need to identify it. “Don’t try to run away from your problems,” says Abid Dharamsey. “You need to face them head on if you want to deal with them. Come to terms with what’s going on and start brainstorming on how to fix it.” If you ignore the issues you’re facing, they’re likely to get bigger and bigger until they seem insurmountable. “For instance, if your business isn’t making enough money, you need to work to fix that. You can’t just keep going the course until things get better.”


Ask for help when necessary.


You don’t need to struggle alone. Some people feel like they can’t tell others about their failures or challenges, but when you’re down is exactly when you need to reach out to others. “This is why you need a mastermind or a group of other entrepreneurs who can lend you their ears,” said Abid. “It can be hard to ask people outside of the industry for help when they don’t understand your career.” Taking help from business gurus and leaders in your industry could be the solution.


Never stop learning.


If you let your business and yourself stagnate, you’re setting yourself up for trouble. “Read books, watch YouTube tutorials, and study the competition. Things in any industry change quickly, and you don’t want to be left behind.” In addition, you can always learn from your mistakes and move forward. “No mistake needs to be the end of your journey. Even if you have to fold your business and start over, that doesn’t have to be the end.”


Overcoming struggles is one of the hardest things we do as humans. If you’re willing to listen to Abid Dharamsey’s advice, you’ll be able to handle them with grace and ease.


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