Corruption Demonstration

Religious leaders at a two-day training on “Interfaith anti-corruprion manual” have said many people were ‘longing’ to be thieves because of the firm belief that they will get away with it.

They also argued that the rationalisation of corrupt practices among societies despite the fact that the practice was unacceptable and affected development, had the tendency to affect the fight in that regard and called for change in mindset and behaviour that will inure to the benefit of all.

The Religious leaders also urged the government and law enforcement agencies to allow justice to prevail in matters of corruption to serve as a deterrent to others.

Sayings such as “everyone is doing it, we can’t fight corruption, it’s as old as Adam and Eve and Corruption is an African thing” also make the fight somewhat unsurmountable.

Ms. Mary Awelana Addah, Programmes Manager with the Local Chapter of Transparency International, the Ghana Integrity Initiative and organisers of the training said, “We must avoid the everybody is doing it syndrome and concentrate on making the world around us better”.

She said the training programme funded by DANIDA for the Religious sect was therefore to enhance their role in the fight against the canker.

The two-year project for faith-based and civil society organizations covers five Regions and is operational in 50 districts of the selected Regions.

Religious leaders according to her, had multitude of fellows who listened and obeyed their teaching and that using their media to educate, create awareness on its effects and the collective responsibility of nipping the practice in the bud was critical.

Mr. Addah said,” We need to denounce the act of corruption…it is becoming too rampant and almost acceptable”
Corrupt practices as mentioned in the training manual included; bribery, extortion, influence peddling, embezzlement, misappropriation, conflict of interest,kickbacks, facilitation payment, fraud, patronage, illegal acquisition of wealth, money laundering and misuse of official time among others.

The religious leaders were taken through topics such as Understanding Corruption, Corruption and Human Rights, the legal framework and strategies to combat corruption.


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