A Deputy? Minister of Local Government? and? Rural Development Mr. Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, has? heavily descended on the Ashanti ??Regional ?Secretary?? of the? opposition New ?Patriotic Party (NPP)? Mr. Sam Pynn ?over his provocative ?and? unpalatable? description? of the Special? Delegates? Congress of? the National Democratic? Congress? (NDC)? in ?Kumasi ?as? ?invasion of amanfrafuo ?(aliens).??

He averred that?the pronouncement by Mr.? Pynn was?not only despicable, irresponsible? and? unfounded? but equally amounted to creating divisiveness in ??among?? Ghanaians? particularly? as? the country is yet to? recover from mourning? the death of former? President? Atta? Mills, a sad? occasion? which has? united? the people.

He said, it was unfortunate for a caliber of a person? like? him? who is? occupying?? an enviable political? position? to? have? disgraced? himself to that extent.

The ?deputy? minister has? therefore charged the leadership of?? the NPP? to come out publicly? to? condemn the statement, saying that, ?I wish to state unequivocally? that? Mr. Pynn? has? hit? beyond the belt,? his? pronouncement? was very disheartening?? and total? divisiveness as well as ethnocentrically. This ?is the time? for? his party? to? show that ?they? do not believe in? divisiveness,? this? kind of comment can? spark? violence in the country especially? as we geared up? towards? elections ,?he? remarked.

Mr. Ankrah ?who spoke? to Spyghana in Kumasi? in? an? apparent? response to ?the statement, ?said?? it was not surprise? for? Mr. Pynn? to? have followed? the footsteps of? some? leading personalities in his party ?who were on? record to? have made ?similar statements ??because? it was? his party? that? introduce? the Aliens Compliance Order.

The Deputy?minister?again?mentioned?the declaration?by?Mr.? Sammy Awuku? one of the party?s communicators?? who? tasked? the supporters? of? the NPP? to arm themselves? with? disused? pestles ( wamafono) to defend themselves should? victory? elude the party in the 20012 elections .

He said if? a regional secretary? whose? party? is aspiring to?? rule the? good? people of Ghana? could? go? to that? limit? to? describe any? activity of the NDC? in Ashanti? as an invasion ?of ?amanfrafuo?? then the? judgment? is left to? the? voting populace.

?The NDC? is a party? which? is? made up of? ?all manner of persons? from varying? ethnic,? religious? and? social? back grounds? but if? Sam Pynn could label any? programme? of the party in the Ashanti? region? as an invasion of aliens, the verdict? is the? hands of Ghanaians,? he said?. ?I want? to caution? Sam Pynn? that?? we in? the? NDC have made it as? our policy to centre? the electioneering? campaign messages? on issues? but if? he? wants? us to go that? way are? ready for them because ?there? ?are more foul words? in some body?s? mouth? than? his,? he warne.


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