Family discovered strange thing inside their new mattress


Replacing an old, worn out mattress with one that is new and fresh creates a comforting feeling nearly as euphoric as a clean set of sheets. A family from Mexico anticipated their new mattress and looked forward to a good night?s sleep when the mattress finally arrived.

new mattress mexico

However, something was odd about the mattress they received. It felt a little strange and had an odd odor to it. Rather than take it back to the mattress store and exchange it for another, the family decided to get to the bottom of the smell and find out what was wrong.

When the mattress arrived, the family decided to test it out, just as any other family would, according to Metro. Each family member was concerned that the mattress felt strange and that the odor that came from it was not normal. In order to get to the center of the matter, one member decided to cut the mattress open and see if the smell was coming from inside. What they found was not only disgusting, but also proved that looks can be deceiving.

The Mirror also shared the story, showing that the family began to peel away the fabric from the mattress. As they did so, they were surprised to find another mattress hiding inside. The inner mattress was soiled and seemed to be the source of the stink. However, the family continued to cut into the mattress to see if there was more hidden from their view. When they reached the inner springs, they were appalled at the amount of rust that collected, showing that the moisture had been present for a long while.

The family was upset at the discovery and will never buy a mattress from the same store again. Their story was shared on a Facebook page along with the video. The video was quickly shared thousands of times, warning others to stay away from the shady mattress dealer.

The discovery serves as a warning to purchase large and pricey items from reputable dealers that have a history of offering warranties for their products and honoring the warranties as well. It was not shared if the family returned the mattress or obtained a refund.

The stinky mattress also reinforces the need to inspect an item before taking possession from the merchant. What are your thoughts on the video?


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