Fashion designer Asia Idarous

Fashion designer Asia Idarous is expected to team up with her colleagues in the industry to raise funds as a move to contribute towards construction of a Kikale drug abuse rehabilitation centre, next week in Dar es Salaam.

The centre is estimated to cost over 80m/- and will be serving between 30 to 50 drug abuse casualties with possible expansion to accommodate over hundred others in the future.

Idarous who happens to be the chairperson of Kikale Youth Care Group said the fund raising event will be held in Dar es Salaam on February 10 and several fashion designers have shown strong interest to join hands in the event.

The rehabilitation centre is expected to provide special facilities for the drug addicts to become their second home.

Idarous said the special fashion show will be known as ‘Lady in Red 2012 Reloaded’ and other thirty other designers are lining up to showcase their design products to be auctioned to invited guests.

She said all designers and sponsors such as Milano men’s wear from America have prepared superb display of garments and other clothing products enough to met interests of the attendants to the show.

Idarous remained optimistic over the successful results of the proposed rehabilitation centre and made a call to drug addicts or their families to register ahead of joining it upon completion.

The project manager of the rehabilitation centre

Maulid Mlawa said the decision to choose rural area for the centre is based on the grounds among others that the treated victims would be distanced from temptations of resorting back to their old habits of consuming narcotics.

Mlawa said the construction of the center came into being through Idarous as a move to curb the escalating consumption of narcotics in the country and ways to curb the trend.

Some fashion designers who  have confirmed to take part in the next week’s  fund raising show include; Mustapha Hassanali, Khadija Mwanamboka, Alli Remtullah, Farha Sultan, Salim Alli, Kiki’s Fashions, Mgesa Makori, Hameed Abdul, Mtani Nyamakabi and Jokate Mwegelo.

The event will be spiced up with music entertainment from various bands and individual artists in the likes of Babloom Trio Band, Chidy Benz to mention only a few.

Source The Guardian



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