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“Fashion is an art that impacts multiple aspects of our existence,” Says Andrea Tankovitz

Andrea Tankovitz
Andrea Tankovitz

Andrea Tankovitz is a versatile creative director and fashion designer who has gone on from designing bespoke wedding dresses to creating her own fashion brand, TANKOVITZ. Alongside her brand, Andrea also works as a creative wardrobe designer for music videos, where she works in collaboration with multiple artists and record labels to direct the fashion behind the video.

Through her years of experience in the fashion business, Andrea has witnessed how heavily influenced the world has become by fashion. Not only does it kickstart trends, but it impacts people’s everyday lives too. Seeing a new look on your favorite artist or fashion icon can quickly result in you trying to find the outfit online, purchasing it, and replicating that look.

In music videos, people see only one side of the artist through their lyrics and fashion. After moving to Miami for her furthering career, Andrea Tankovitz noticed how people would want to dress a certain way to portray a certain image. This was heavily influenced by music videos, especially during the early 2000s. They say the first impression is the last, and people usually perceive your personality based on your attire and sense of fashion.

However, Andrea Tankovitz’s reason for pursuing a career in fashion is a little different. Instead of wanting to be a different person from who you are and representing that through fashion, Andrea likes to encourage people to feel and be their best selves. For Andrea, the main purpose of fashion is to make every woman and man feel perfect in their skin. Not only can fashion reflect your personality, but it can make you feel like your own person.

Fashion is an art, and it is unique and subjective. Thus, if a person wears something that represents them, it will enhance their personality. Hence, it shows how influential fashion can be in everyday life.

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