February 2013 Convocation: What Height Has Dr Pius Otaru Salami Taken Fed. Poly Nasarawa?


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? By Emeka Oraetoka

On the 9th of February 2013, Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa will hold its convocation. The convocation itself is significant in many ways. Since Dr. Pius Otaru Salami took over the mantle of leadership at the institution, peace and tranquility, as well as transformation has taken place in the school.

It is a well known fact that Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa is heavily insulated from cultism; on like what is obtainable in many tertiary institutions in Nigeria of today. Record has it that Dr. Otaru Salami led management team in the school has ensured a cult free institution through the establishment of effective management system that ensures discipline, hard work and dedication to study by students in the institution. The school is said to maintain close tab on all its students, by this, it is easy for any truant and deviant student in the institution to be fished out and disciplined. Since the students know the fate that await them in the event of truancy and related behaviors that breed cultism, those with bad character have embraced good behavior. To this end, Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa is a peaceful environment for learning and incubation of leaders of tomorrow.

The upsurge in the number of enrollment in the school since Dr. Otaru took over as rector is anchored on three platforms. In the first place, the high standard and quality of teaching in the school is said to be responsible for the increase in the number of people seeking admission. Another factor is that Dr. Otaru Salami is said to have instituted effective and result oriented recruitment exercise that guarantees the employment of competent and qualified lectures in each and every department in the institution. The third explanation that makes the school one of the most sought after in the country is the fact that parents could heave a sigh of relief that their wards will not die while in school as a result of cultism; because the menace is nonexistent in the institution.

It is instructive to note that through the effort of Dr. Salami, many departments in the institution have been accredited by the National Board For Technical Education [NBTE].This has also gone a long way elevating the quality of the school programmes as well as the acceptability of the institution?s certificate in Nigeria. The accreditation has affected positively the number of enrollment in the school.

In the area of school versus community relationship, the Dr. Otaru Salami has succeeded in enthroning a good relationship with the host community. This is easily seen in the association between the students and members of the host community. As a result oriented team leader, the Rector is said to be having a wonderful relationship with his staff. Both the line and staff officers are having good rapport necessary for the progress of the institution. The lecturers are said to be highly motivated, as a result of which they are investing their best via positive impetration of knowledge to the students in the school. Dr. Otaru is said to have developed a sound staff development policy. Every qualified academic staff is sponsored for study to both local and overseas academic training through the Educational Trust Funds [ETF].

The relationship between the lectures and students is said to be cordial and harmonious. The result is a good environment for learning devoid of rancor and bitterness. In the area of infrastructural development, the school ranks high. Dr. Otaru has erected quality structures that have gone a long way in aiding learning in the school. The structures include Administrative blocks, Home economics block, Art and Visual aid block, Staff offices, and Class Rooms. The structures have also aided the beauty of the environment. Some of these projects were founded through internally generated revenue. The rector also made constant supply of water in the school a priority. The institution also runs efficient library service with steady power supply as complement. The school also boost of good health center that will provides health care facilities to the teaming population of students.

Currently, the institution is being primed to attain greater height in terms of expansion and development with the introduction of many innovations that will boost its internally generated revenue base. With respect to the security of lives and property, the rector accords priority to it. This is reflected in the quality of security personnel engaged to provide security services in the institution. He is said to have imbibed the spirit of security consciousness in the school, both the students and staff are said to be security conscious as a result of this stand.

Surely, Dr. Pius Otaru Salami has taken Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa to an enviable position since he took over as rector of the institution. To so many people, he is a trailblazer. Many others are simply marveling at his leadership acumen. With the giant stride Dr. Otaru is making in the institution, the sky is certainly the limit for this trailblazer.

Emeka Oraetoka

Information Management Consultant & Researcher

Wrote in from Garki- Abuja

P.O. Box 18928


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