Regina PokuaThe Goaso magistrate court will this afternoon hear an assault case involving a primary school teacher and some residents of the town.

Residents of Goaso in the Asutifi District of the Brong Ahafo Region on Friday witnessed an ugly incident where relatives of a class 4 pupil in the Gambia No.2 D/A primary school stormed the school to confront her class teacher and eventually stripped her half-naked for sending the child on an errand during school hours.

The teacher, Regina Pokua reportedly sent the pupil to go buy cocoyam which would be used for a cookery lesson later that day from a shop near the school.

According to the account given to the Asutifi North district Police command, the girl?s elder brother who is also in the school stopped the little sister from running the errand and confronted the teacher about it with a slap. Regina Pokua also retaliated with a slap which got the boy running home to call his sisters who then stormed the school to discipline Miss Pokua.

Some residents have speculated the incident might have a root in some old personal brawl between the family and the teacher.

Talking to Radio XYZ, the Asutifi North District commander Samuel Annan said Regina?s clothes were torn by the time she got to the police station to file a complaint.

He says the attackers, Lydia Antwi 24 and Beatrice Amponsah 26 were immediately arrested and charged with assault.

They are due for court Monday afternoon at the Goaso magistrate court.


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