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“Fiducia Supplicans” – another step to destroy the Church


The doctrinal declaration Fiducia Supplicans presents priests with a new pastoral content that is not in agreement with the doctrine based on Scripture and Tradition, but is diametrically opposed to it. Scripture proclaims salvific repentance, that is, a break with sin, whereas the Declaration proclaims anti-repentance linked to the blessing of sin and the affirmation of sin. This is the path to destruction. If a priest now refuses to bless sodomite couples on the basis of Scripture, Tradition and his conscience, he must already expect severe sanctions, including a ban from priestly ministry. Bergoglio is radical in pushing the transformation of the Church into an anti-church of Satan.

The papolatrists, while publicly denouncing Bergoglio for heresy, refuse to admit the reality that being an arch-heretic he is not a valid pope. They do not perceive at all the fact that he has dedicated himself to Satan and promotes satanic anti-laws. Their papolatry creates the conditions for him to satanize the Church. The papolatrists consider it the greatest crime ever just to raise the question of whether the manifest heretic Jorge Bergoglio is Pope. To raise this essential question is to be disqualified in their eyes and to find oneself in the role of schismatic, rebel and sectarian.

We repeat again before God and before the whole Church that Bergoglio is a manifest heretic and as such is an invalid Pope and no one can obey or submit to him. Whoever submits to him and his sodomite anti-gospel is subject to the most severe punishment: “God’s anathema! Let him be accursed!” (Gal 1:8-9)

His decree to bless homosexual couples is a crime against God and the Church. It is an open rebellion against the Creator. There must be an appropriate response to this crime. While it is commendable that the Archbishop of Astana and his auxiliary bishop have not allowed their priests to implement the directives of this Declaration, it is not enough. Their gesture will not stop the process of self-destruction. The only way to save the Church is for the above-mentioned Archbishop to take the next, truly adequate saving step, and that is to come out of submission to the public arch-heretic who illegally occupies the papal office.

Dear Bishops, your College, together with the true Pope, is responsible for the Church. But be aware that there is no true Pope now. Therefore, in this crisis situation, the responsibility for the Church falls entirely on you. Instead of fulfilling your duty, however, you are shielding with the heresy of papolatry all of Bergoglio’s heresies and crimes against God and the Church. It is necessary to break with papolatry and, consequently, to separate yourselves and your dioceses from the manifest heretic. If you neglect to do so, the responsibility for the autogenocide of the Church will fall entirely on you, and on each of you personally. This follows from the Church’s teaching on the responsibility of Christ’s apostle and shepherd for his spiritual flock.

How would St Ambrose, St Augustine, St Basil, St John Chrysostom or other holy bishops act in your place? Let us remind you of the commitment you made before God and before the Church at your episcopal consecration. You promised, as successors of the Apostles, to preserve the heritage of the faith in purity and integrity according to the Tradition which has been observed in the Church always and everywhere since the time of the Apostles. You know what this Tradition says specifically about a pope who becomes a manifest heretic, as we see in Jorge Bergoglio. His directives in the doctrinal declaration are in direct and serious contradiction to Divine Revelation and to the continuous two thousand years of teaching and practice of the Catholic Church.

With this Declaration, Bergoglio once again confirmed that, being a manifest heretic, he falls into the category of those spoken of in the dogmatic bull of Paul IV and by the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, which St Bellarmine summarized in the words: “The Pope who is manifestly a heretic ceases by himself to be Pope and head, in the same way as he ceases to be a Christian and a member of the body of the Church.” If you do not respect this fact, you are keeping the souls entrusted to you outside the Church of Christ, thus on the road to perdition. Bergoglio’s sect has broken away from Catholic teaching and is not the Catholic Church. The current Vatican is not only in schism, but has become a sect that has cut itself off from Christ and, with its heretical doctrine, is promoting outright rebellion against God.

If you deceive the faithful by still respecting this sect in the positions of authority, calling it the Catholic Church and submitting to it, you are deceivers. In that case, you are fully responsible for the spiritual crimes of Bergoglio’s sect. If you do not want to separate yourselves from the manifest heretic, as is your duty, then the faithful, if they want to be saved, must separate themselves from you. By persisting in Bergoglio’s heresies you betray Christ and the faithful must not obey you anymore. Your liturgy, your beautiful sermons, your pious recitation of the Creed, all this is then a mere guise for your inner apostasy to deceive souls. You are then no longer shepherds of Christ, but Bergoglio’s pseudo-shepherds with the spirit of antichrist.

Believers today are under extreme pressure from the world to fall away from Christ. Therefore, they need sound doctrine and morals, as well as constant encouragement to pray and fight spiritually for their salvation.

Dear bishops and priests, the doctrinal declaration is a revolution in the fundamental paradigms of the Church, as Bergoglio admitted in his document of 1 November 2023. Nothing more is needed to destroy the Church. What then is the point of such an anti-divine organization, which, moreover, masquerades as the Catholic Church? This anti-church, which already refuses to call sin sin and blesses it instead, publicly rejects the Saviour and salvation, not only in words but also in deeds.

The so-called doctrinal declaration transforms the bishops and priests of Christ into apostles and priests of antichrist who are in open rebellion against God. Do you understand, dear bishops, what situation the arch-heretic Bergoglio has gradually put you in?

You, dear successors of Christ’s apostles, are obliged to call this blasphemous declaration what it is, i.e. heretical! It is not enough to call upon the faithful to disobey this pseudo-doctrinal sodomitic declaration. God’s Word clearly states that the punishment for sodomy is temporal fire (2Pe 2:6) and eternal fire (Jud 1:7). Adequate action leading to salvation is to separate from the Vatican sect and thereby create the conditions for the revival of the Church in this difficult situation. Do not delay the saving step! Later you will have lost the possibility of saving yourselves and the souls Christ has entrusted to you.

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

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