Fiducia Supplicans – the heretical Pope has compromised himself


On 18 December 2023, Bergoglio issued the doctrinal declaration Fiducia Supplicans, which is a manifest heresy and an open rebellion against God and His commandments.

It is the corpus delicti proving Francis Bergoglio to be a manifest heretic who has excommunicated himself from the Church and therefore cannot be its head. This fact can no longer be discussed or disputed by dialectics or sophistry. However, it is necessary to derive an adequate solution from this reality. Bishops, priests and the faithful must separate themselves from the invalid pope, who is purposefully destroying the essence of Christianity itself as well as the faith that is necessary for salvation. Separation from the manifest heretic is most hindered by the heresy of papolatry, that is, false reverence for the papacy.

The purpose of the papacy is to defend the purity of faith and morals in order to preserve the faith, which is the condition of eternal salvation. The secondary purpose of the papacy is to create an outward unity of Christ’s disciples. If the Pope commits manifest heresies, then according to the teachings of the Church, the Holy Scriptures (Gal 1:8-9), Tradition, i.e. the teachings of the Church Fathers (St Cyprian, St Augustine…) and Doctors of the Church (St Francis de Sales, St Robert Bellarmine, St Alphonsus of Liguori), according to the dogmatic bull Cum ex apostolatus officio of Paul IV (1559), and according to the statements of Pope Innocent III (1198), the Pope who is a manifest heretic has excommunicated himself from the Church and therefore cannot be its head.

This statement fully applies to Francis Bergoglio. In addition, he has enthroned the Pachamama demon, dedicated himself to Satan in Canada, and preaches a false teaching, a sodomite anti-gospel with the blessing of this sin and the unions of these persons. This is an open rebellion against God and a public apostasy from the teachings of Christ. No Catholic can have the slightest doubt about that. Moreover, in his motu proprio “Ad theologiam promovendam” of 1 November 2023, Bergoglio declared the de facto cancellation of the entire Tradition of the Church and Holy Scripture by establishing the principle of a paradigm shift. At the same time, he proclaims new paradigms, or new foundations for an already heretical doctrine. Here it is revealed that Jorge Bergoglio and his sect are no longer the Catholic Church.

How should a Catholic bishop, priest or believer respond to this situation? None of them can remain silent now! If they remain silent, they approve of this whole apostate system and call down God’s curse upon themselves! Here passivity, or allowing oneself to be pushed and abused to one’s own self-destruction, is a great fault. It is participation and complicity in the betrayal of Christ and His teachings. The one who remains subject to the Bergoglian apostate system through his passivity will eventually no longer be allowed to be passive. The Bergoglian system will force him to actively push for sodomite rebellion against God. If not, there will be severe penalties. Bishops will be removed from office, priests expelled and believers persecuted.

It is a paradox that orthodox-minded bishops do not want to separate from the apostate system, and remain under Bergoglio; however, if they reject his agenda, he will separate them immediately! He will remove them from office, as he has already shown in many cases. The bishops would consider it the greatest offence to separate from Bergoglio, but if they are not active and do not bless homo and queer unions living in sin, do not introduce pagan rites directly into the liturgy, do not want to ordain women, they will be subject to so-called Vatican’s apostolic visitation with a predetermined expulsion. Now, with their separation, they would be honest before God and before the Church, and they would preserve the treasure of the faith, i.e. the true Catholic Church. But they do not want that; they are afraid of taking this step to save the Church. Some even utter the stupid lie that by separating themselves from the manifest heretic Bergoglio, they will separate themselves from Christ. In fact, they will separate themselves from the antichrist, not from Christ.

The stalemate continues mainly because of the heresy of papolatry. The orthodox-minded bishops are convinced that if they were to separate themselves from the so-called Holy Father today, it would be their greatest offence. They do not want to respect the fact that Bergoglio, who has excommunicated himself from the Church, is not the Holy Father. If a bishop separated himself from a true pope, he would indeed be in schism. But to separate from a heretic who has separated himself from Christ and is not the rightful pope, such separation is neither a sin nor a schism; on the contrary, it is heroism and an example of faithfulness to Christ and His Gospel.

The main adherent of papolatry, Bishop Schneider, has publicly stated, in contradiction to Saint Bellarmine, Church Tradition and Scripture, that a heretical pope may be guilty of the greatest heresies by which he has publicly renounced Christ, as Bergoglio practically did in his dedication to Satan in Canada, and yet such a pope continues to be the Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth. This is nonsense and supreme heresy that does not allow Bergoglio’s suicidal process to be stopped.

Although Bishop Schneider has joined Archbishop Peta in banning the blessing of sodomite unions in Kazakhstan, through papolatry he remains in internal unity with the greatest heretic occupying the papacy. Moreover, he also misleads others into papolatry, that is, into unity with the manifest heretic, and thus into betrayal of Christ and His teachings. Bergoglio creates planned shocks, such as the Church’s legalization of sodomy and the blessing of sodomite unions. It is a kind of Overton window through which he unmasks dissenters, but loyal bishops accept these shocks and thus become complicit in his agenda of mass apostasy. Gradually, this changes public opinion within the Church. If this process of self-destruction is not stopped at the beginning, then, according to the principle of the Overton window, minds will change and there will be no stopping this process of suicide.

In this situation, each bishop faces a serious choice – either to remain under the heretical structure of Bergoglio, or to separate and then accept the true pope. It is important to separate now, not wait, because unless there is a true Catholic alternative that accepts a true pope, Bergoglio and his sect will subject everyone to their apostasy under false authority. Then only a small true Catholic flock of the catacomb Church will remain and will be severely persecuted. The sect of the Antichrist, headed by the so-called Holy Father Francis and his successors, will be covered under the name of the Catholic Church. Those who do not want to separate themselves from it in time are “playing the blind man’s buff”, trying to stifle their conscience and the truth with platitudes about holy obedience to the Pope. Such deceive themselves and others, and the punishment of cowards awaits them (Rev 21:8). Dear bishops, do not be cowards, but heroes of faith like the holy bishops, confessors and martyrs! You successors of the Apostles: save the Catholic Church!

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

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