Fingerprint systems to help boost security in Ghana


wpid-iPhonefingerprintsensor.jpgEvery nation is as peaceful as its well-equipped police and security services. This is in view of the sophistication that modern-day crime has attained.

Armed robbers, fraudsters, car snatchers, murderers, serial killers and pickpockets have all become very much elusive to the security agencies in view of the sophisticated implements and mode of operation they have adopted in recent times.

This also calls for an equally well-equipped security service to match them boot for boot if we are to make any headway in the fight against crime generally and solve the many mysterious cases.

In well-developed nations where security agencies have been called to duty on several occasions, it is their possession of very modern equipment and techniques used? in apprehending criminals that have enabled them to keep up with the actions of the criminals and apprehend them to face the law.

The Daily Graphic, therefore, sees the automation of the Fingerprint Unit of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service as welcome news.

Our investigators would now not have to go through the laborious process of searching for files, using a magnifying glass to search the database and classify fingerprints before matching fingerprints.

We believe the automation will ensure speedy investigations and background checks on suspected criminals within record time. Already, the police say as a result of the automation, they have succeeded in resolving 20 high-profile cases and arrested 65 suspects involved in those cases in a relatively short time.

The Daily Graphic is of the view, however, that this good sign of a successful fight against crime in the country will yield better fruits if the automation is not only limited to Accra, but every regional capital, at least, is equipped if the police lacks the resources to equip every district.

We also believe that the effective operation of the new system is dependent on the collaboration of all major stakeholders such as the National Identification Authority, Electoral Commission and Immigration Service, which also work with biometric data on Ghanaians and foreigners alike.

While we laud the Spanish Government for sponsoring the automation project, which has made it easier for the police to profile people and pick up those with criminal records, we suggest that such modernisation should not be limited to fingerprints.

In this era of technological advancement, the police and other security agencies also need modern electronic gadgets to track criminals and smoke them out of their hideouts.

There is the need for better and efficient surveillance and call-tracing equipment, that is, if our police even have them, in this period of crack calls as well as the right fire power to counter any attacks by armed gangs and highway robbers.

With the recent inauguration of a helipad at the police headquarters in Accra, we also believe police helicopters would not be out of place.
Mr Inspector General of Police (IGP), this must be another feather in your cap; please keep up the good job.

Daily Graphic Saturday, 18 January 2014


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