Ei rasismilleThe whole week from?17 to 23 March?is dedicated to fighting racism, as the annual Finnish Red Cross’s Campaign Against Racism takes shape in forms of?events?across the country.

The campaign invites everybody to check their attitudes and work together towards a truly pluralistic society

“It matters, what kinds of attitudes and manners we spread around us in different groups and communities, for example at school, work, hobby groups and home. During the week against racism, we want to encourage the silent majority to take a stand on discrimination and racism for the benefit of creating a free environment,” says Kristiina Kumpula, secretary general of the Finnish Red Cross, in a bulletin.

The humanitarian values of the Red Cross include respect for the human being, non-discrimination, mutual understanding and friendship. The organisation aims to encourage attitudes supporting equality, pluralism and diversity as well as to bring people with different kinds of world-views and opinions together. With immigration on the rise, this has proven to be one of the biggest current challenges in our society.

Prejudice, ignorance and even fear create racism. According to the Red Cross, racism damages the whole society, not only the ones having to face racist attacks.

The week against racism culminates?on Friday, when the UN International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is celebrated around the world.



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