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First Love Church hosts Pastor Benny Hinn at “He Gave Gifts unto Men” conference in Accra

First Love Church Hosts Pastor Benny Hinn
First Love Church Hosts Pastor Benny Hinn

Renowned televangelist, author and friend of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Benny Hinn made a significant return to Ghana, West Africa. Hosted by Joshua Dag Heward-Mills the Lead Pastor of the First Love Church, the three-day conference dubbed “He Gave Gifts unto Men” became a spiritual milestone for the Church and thousands of attendees from far and near.

The anticipation for Pastor Benny Hinn’s arrival was palpable as the first night drew a staggering crowd of over 8,000 people. However, the overflow of enthusiasm also led to the unfortunate turning away of more than 3,000 individuals due to the auditorium reaching its seating capacity.

Inside the filled auditorium, Pastor Benny Hinn delivered a powerful and transformative message, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those present. The atmosphere brimmed with spiritual energy as eager souls experienced a remarkable touch from the Holy Spirit. The depth of his ministration resonated profoundly, reigniting the flames of faith and devotion among the congregation, prompting many to surrender their lives for full-time ministry.

First Love Church Hosts Pastor Benny Hinn
First Love Church Hosts Pastor Benny Hinn

Notably, Pastor Benny Hinn extended his spiritual blessings by offering heartfelt prayers for Pastor Joshua Dag Heward-Mills and his wife further enriching the collective spiritual experience of the event.

Expressing his joy at the warm reception, Pastor Benny Hinn expressed gratitude for the opportunity to minister in Ghana once again. He not only commended the attendees for their fervor but also extended an invitation to his daughter Jessica, and her husband, Michael Koulianos, urging them to join in the spiritual celebration.

Promising a return with his family, Pastor Benny Hinn left a sense of anticipation in the hearts of the Ghanaian faithful, fostering a sense of unity and shared spiritual journey. The impact of the service reached beyond the physical boundaries of the auditorium as the spirit of God moved among the congregation.

Pastor Benny Hinn’s visit to Ghana signals an effort in spreading the message of faith and introducing the world to the Holy Spirit. The profound response to the event further solidified the spiritual connection between the international televangelist and the Ghanaian community, leaving an enduring legacy of inspiration and revival.

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