First Rain to test our Gratitude and expose poor planning for fixing or to pass on to our children?

Accra Floods
Accra Floods

We just received our first major mass Rain on a blessed Friday night, another blessing many may complain about like our marvellous sun, instead of giving thanks. Most of Black Africa have fairly measured rain, great sun, and others we complain about until God withdraws it, expel us from, or give us more than we can handle? Where it is seemingly a ‘curse’, it is often due to poor planning, from the corrupt officials we choose, the incompetent builders we select and over pay, and lack of knowledge and care at varying level. The problem is us, not nature, and we must learn to appreciate nature first, and invest in smart controlling of nature (things and animals) more than humans. We are not blind to our Ethiopian families and others going through drought, we pray for them, advise them honestly, and even question where they had it wrong. We have rain and we have wrongs to rectify, so we cannot assume those without rain had/have zero wrongs. It is not being mean, but being honest.

Similar to a sun that caringly lights up whole planet+ for how long versus lighting up a town for a decade; watering a huge land free of charge versus daily watering of even a small Garden is very different. Those who have eyes must help the semi-blind to see, or when you over complain of a blessing or think you are cursed, God may make you taste a curse. I do not think I need to spend much time to explain why we should thank God for the rains, many of those who complain are often the self centred privileged ones. They hang on to fractional facts and often wrong remedies they are told by their ungrateful children who were expelled or ran from Africa? You can learn from your children, regardless of race, but know that you can Learn from God, nature, and folks like me, who will always love you more than the average or even top Whites, Arabs, Asians, etc.

City Africans tend to complain more about Rain than villagers, but little they seem to learn year after year, and continue to build terrible cities against children they claim cannot repay them? Unless we import children from hell, the desert or snowy weathers to beg and take loans from such, then we must understand planning is part of gratitude, so lack of planning is ingratitude we can rectify while we have choice.

Water control systems are often poor at the home level in Africa, from the village level to the cities. We rather learn how to over control harmless children and marijuana folks instead of beneficial rains+? We over focus on beauty instead of functionalities. The home that spends a lot on tiles and other beautiful things may never have a budget for water control system, or worse may control waters against Neighbors, towards the roads. Both the compound owner, the hired builder, and the authorities who tax and gave them licenses may be money and women (beauty) worshippers who hate marijuana or under appreciate it and my type? They may reject learning from me or steal my ideas without enough gratitude to me, they rather pay praise singers, marabouts, questionable religious folks who fear or hate nature, and Chinese workers for questionable products, etc. My greatest payment will always come from the Lord, but if you reject or take my time and ideas to over pay a white+ consultant it hurts and re-questions your gratitude.

Good builders can self regulate, but governments exist to regulate bad builders than marijuana folks who may self regulate and may be medicating through nature instead of your adored health professionals and legal health robbers, like marabouts. You can give your client a good functional plan, not just a beautiful plan. If they reject investing on water control systems, you will be rewarded for suggesting, and mild pressures without over pressuring. Even if the client comes with a plan and lacks good things like water control system, do not just rush to collect millions and I am not suggesting arguing with customers. When a customer tells you I want to buy this Fridge or car, a great salesperson will try to asses if that one is the most ideal for the customer, because such products are slightly ‘big items’, and a home is much bigger. If I am taking time to advise your customers, how much more should you as the paid professional? Sewage drains towards road is for worse builders, but bad builders send rain water outside or let it sit in a compound where it could have been directed to where the complaint about sun can dry it up faster. We can collect rain water to clean cars, wash clothes, and many things to gain beyond lower bills.

Our roads are poorly planned in sizes by authorities who want children to honor them beyond street names? When you have countless youths who claim to be jobless and waiting for government on minor road adjustments, then we have serious mindset problem that started from dating, through conception, then questionable upbringing. Questionable Adama Barrow once said a fact that we failed to elaborate on and he may not fully understand, but echoed? He said, ‘when you have marriage without love, you can have lot of children without blessings…’ When a woman takes a man without love, how do you expect such a woman to love anyone else? When both are guilty, they cannot sacrifice even for their children, except with huge interest like expectations? Such a people will never know altruism, until God intervenes in the cycle for possible learning. The woman will claim she is underpaid where she is blind to God’s payment and to justify poor service. The office worker claims underpaid to justify poor service and corruption. The actual road workers think similarly to justify indifference. God is not blind, gave everyone conscience to build and co-build in the spirit of ch.103 for payment after patience….

When you contrast some poorly built roads where millions were spent versus some lot less at the village level, sometimes the village road is better within five years and thanks to enough space and the sun many complain about. My point is the millions/billions we spend on roads should be spent on bush water access to complement occasional rain shortages and propel us to year round farming. I have proposed ‘Free Water Movement, drought Resistant and Year Round Farming for Africa’, almost a decade now and journalists under echo me to awake sleeping politicians? Since they cannot imagine, I suggested investing one million dollars to do a district example towards nationwide, and Africa wide? Some may wrongly think the little I may gain from the example is too much for a black consultant/thinker/advisor, blind to how it will help beyond the chosen district (county), and wrongly assume I want Africa wide contract? We need water more than we need Tractors, but your questionable white masters want to sell tractors and to bank on one season Ukraine and Russia for wheat. Two seasons of limited tools of year round farming can yield enough food for twice the size of Africa, if we work hard enough under new much better land regulations, but how can we bank on land abusers like President Barrow for such? The proceed can then go to inventions of better than what the west+ sells or the tractors+ you over value like your FGM women, or to more marrying of women who refuse to change like some politicians refuse to change. I want African hemp over Ukrainean Wheat, but God is testing me with corrupt and stupid African leaders who now legally want me to order hemp from u.s and china, help pay loans they mismanage, and not tell their children the truth they are hiding? We are good to consume legal hemp, but forbidden to produce it? When you delay repentance, we will ‘over’ fight and I guarantee you I will win worldwide, beyond legalization, Lord be willing. I respect truth and others’ dues, so I demand similarly.

Road Accidents may rise in the summer because the government and media failed to educate drivers. Many drivers in the Gambia+ do not know how to turn a wind shield+ car heater on for visibility during rains. If the government pay many ads to media houses, is there few areas journalists can show altruism service? How about a video ad showing how to turn car heaters during rain for what’s app and others sharing? If a police sees a driver wiping wind shield with dirty towels, the driver should be stopped and heavily charged, plus every passenger in the vehicle be lightly charged for failing to tell the driver and no phone record of calling the police over public endangerment. If you turn the heater of your vehicle , but someone did not, one guilty one can cause triple vehicle hittings. Was the accident caused by someone who used wrong marijuana strain, alcohol, refuse to learn, over bank on marabout works, etc or is a marijuana guy rescuing anti marijuana folks? Even after knowing, some customers may complain about the car heater is too hot for thirty minutes rain, gamble our lives and other lives, we can blame God or Satan for the accident, and we will blame anyone who refuse to spend hours to visit us at the hospital? We will blame the doctors who strike for money or the nurse who under study the different factors contributing to higher accidents and making everyone’s job harder , except the guilty and most guilty. The countries that have anti marijuana marabout works hanging on the wheels seem to have more accidents than those driving on more dangerous snow or ice, but all humans varyingly under use our precious minds? No wonder a verse says, ‘if they used their eyes, ears, and faculties, they won’t be in hell’. Well, there is due and undue earthly hell, including hospital stay due to negligent drivers, surrounded by negligent folks, from passengers to authorities who under estimate the wrongs of sins between creatures, importance of ch.103, and over focus on policing ‘personal sins’ to infringe on others’ personal blessings that may raise collective blessings? May the God of Rain, Sun, Marijuana+ help us lot more and rescue our people, at least those ready to repent. May God curse those who threaten me or want to harm me in anyway. May God measurably bless those who work with me through reciprocal law and gratitude, not just contract. May God bless the season and bless us lot beyond. May God bless Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer
Twitter: jarga-k-gigo@jarga-k-gigo

Note: Fractional knowledge and fractional facts can be very dangerous, especially around arrogant folks who misinterpret certain powers. The educated African who refuse to think and respect thinkers can have air conditioned cars and think roads are higher blessing than water and our prospects to personnally mass fly before Europeans, not just drive. They will argue based on far fetched trickle down theories to justify over spending on roads, conference centers, bridges, electricity, and other infrastructures I do not oppose, but priority and care for those at the bottom and center can be a different world, requiring different approach. I am a globalist and not afraid of competition, but we sadly undervalue our blessings, from things to persons. Many of our journalists and media houses are guilty than they assume. The rules they are taught are sometimes wrong and others are misunderstood due to fear, greed, and arrogance. I do not believe we are all cursed, or I would have run back to the west. I simply see beyond money and optimistic I can get more than enough, even in Africa.

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