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The First Shall Be The Last Invariably


Mysteriously, one may ask, doubt and feel no disinclined to comprehend how feasible the first shall be last invariably. So the?last will be first and the first last. For innumerable many are called, but?extremely diminutive are chosen.
To begin with, the familiar story of the Hare and the Tortoise vehemently illustrates the veracity of this verse. One afternoon, Hare challenged Tortoise to a race he was certain he would emerge as a winner.
However, Hare was so ecstatic and proud of his speed at all extent and despised the slow dawdling pace of Tortoise at order ‘GO’ in a jiffy point in time Hare hared bolted out of sight before Tortoise took his fist step. The crowd cheered and a bellyful praise?were raised for Hare while Tortoise inched forward.
Consequently, Hare was so far ahead and had unflagging interest to put so much effort into his sprint that he ran out of steam and had to make an unplanned stop along the route. Hare had the pluck that he had so outpaced Tortoise that Tortoise would never ever catch up with him, let alone overtake him.
Furthermore, while Hare taking a rest on the soft green grass, Hare overslept. Suddenly, Hare heard the crowd who cheered him initially making a whole lots hullabaloo saying? GO TORTOISE, GO TORTOISE, YOU CAN DO IT AS OBAMA SAYS? YES WE CAN, GO? YOU ARE VIRTUALLY THERE’.
On the other hand, Tortoise was two steps from the finish line; Hare got up and dashed for the finished line, yelling at Tortoise that he would win the race. But it was too late.Tortoise cross the finished line and won which emerged him as a winner.
Indeed, the first shall be the last, In God’s dealings with us he does not keep tabs on who took the lead at the start of the race but on who finished the race that is set before him. It is good to start but it is better to accomplished it well. Even if you have great natural abilities, just be humble and kowtowed to any instructions that preside to success.
Furthermore, I hope you have heard it several times even if you are not a church goer you have heard through radio where pastors preached and?keep on hammering?at the down that many are called but few are chosen. In the celebrated marathon races of our time, many thousands start the race with great zeal and set of beautifully but a few receive medals in the end exclusively before and after confetti is thrown for happiness. To be part of the chosen at the end of the race, we have to stay focused, maintain discipline and overcome all temporary setbacks
Finally, may the good lord grant us humility and discipline for every task he sets before.


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