My first time in Accra city


By Edward Frimpong

For my first time in Accra city, i heard some speculations indicating that ‘Accra is always stay by plan’ but i did not understand what it really means and so i flouted to follow some colleagues of mine to the beach to find myself in a hellish unprecedented situation.??? To begin with, my house was situated within a walking distance from the beach and my community being one of fishing , quite a number of my playmates loved to visit the beach and often to swim.
??? After school one afternoon, i decided to join my friends to the beach just to observe them swim.I had no intention of swimming myself for the simple reason that i did not know how to swim and had never swum all my life.
??? When we got to the beach my collegues reeling with glee, jumped into the sea . I stood back to keep wacth over the clothing they had naturally dropped in the sand.Soon, i begun nursing the desire to swim and in a matter of minute after wards, i found the temptation to jump into the sea too great to resist,So i jumped into the sea too and my collegues who also knew that to be my first attempt at swimming stopped swimming to cheer me on and i was enjoying to the fullest.
??? Befoer long, i found my self alone in thesea as the others rested the sand.After staying on the boaders of the sea for a while i thought i could be more adventurous and so with that i literally walked a little more into the sea and as i did theis i felt the sand under my feet in the sea give way to whatevere pesuure i am unable to describe.Soon, i found my feet unsupported i had gone deeper than necessary and i was sinking in a matter of munite, i had lost touch with the world around me fearful and dreary thoughts of death ran through my mind as i struggle unsuccessfully to survived
??? Suddenly, i felt two hands grip my left arm as it beat the sea desperately.I was pullede out of the sea by my colleagues who had apparently come to save me using an abandone canoe.I gasped fro breath whilst panting heavily and before we could arrive ashore i eventually told my self that i had given in to the desire to swim and nearly died foolishly all die be die.

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