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I am yet to come to terms with the rationale behind the reported arrest of Efia Odo and over ten other, Fix The Country Campaigners. It is alleged that the incident happened shortly after a court hearing on whether or not the group should be allowed to stage a street protest to register their displeasure on the current state of affairs.


Reports have it that, after hearing the legal arguments on Friday morning, the High Court adjourned proceedings in order to deliver a ruling at 1:30 pm. However, some of the campaigners allegedly pitched camp during the legal arguments in front of the law court complex holding placards in an attempt to create a scene. Reports also indicate that shortly after proceedings, they were joined by their colleagues who were in the court room.

In the process of taking photographs, Police Officers from the Accra Regional Command apprehended them. I may not be a legal practitioner nor a Top-notch Security Expert, but I think holding placards during court proceedings is unlawful. I condemn it. My only issue has to do with the way Efia Odo and others were whisked away. Besides, a word of caution could have  been the best panacea in my point of view considering this time and age.

It will be recalled that, the campaigners have in the last two months demanded the need for government to expedite matters in fixing the nation. A movement that has been characterised by name calling among the various political divide and for that matter the public sphere. According to the campaigners, living conditions in the country is worsening by the day and hence the need for a pragmatic approach in resuscitating it. 

I can state without fear of intimidation that, the campaigners desire to demonstrate has been met with a certain resistance from the Ghana Police Service over the Covid-19 restrictions. At this point, I am tempted to indicate that, honesty is something we lack as a nation. I stand to be corrected though. How many men in uniform have violated the very restrictions they are parading themselves with?

Enough of the double standards. Anytime, I  drive through the principal streets of the Accra, I chance on one ill or the other in an institution. I believe you might have also noticed it too. Meanwhile, we all pretend to be wearing mask, practising social-distancing and washing our hands with soap under running water. He who commits injustice is ever made more wretched than he who suffers. I am not here to justify wrongdoing. As a critical thinker, my judgement is based on glaring evidence not damage  control speeches.


Ghana continues to enjoy peace because the likes of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, Abdul Malik Kwaku-Baako, Kwesi Pratt Junior among other key players contributed immensely towards this feat. What am I saying? We shouldn’t create the impression that, there is a certain culture of silence. Besides, with the emergence of mass media, people can no longer be gagged. 


Let’s avoid vindictiveness and allow the laws of the land to work. That way, the citizenry will have a reason to trust the Executive, Judiciary, Legislature and the Media. Until, such a time, we will continue to struggle in our efforts to be citizens and not spectators as said by George W. Bush.


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