Fix the National Museum to save our heritage


In the year 1992 at age 12, my mother initially did not always allow me to do much drawing which I love most, for fear it might interfere with my studies, but one day after closing from school I took a walk along the streets site seeing, to my surprise, I bumped into the National Museum, I got fascinated by everything I saw at the premises, intriguing giant sculptures that I got closer to touch and feel, I ended up in the museum and came out when they were about to close, I asked one of the Curators “Please can I come back tomorrow with my drawing book and colors to come practice?

I like drawing” he said yes…I was so happy, but I got home and received beatings because I got home late. The next day after school, I came back to the Museum to pursue my dreams!

The Museum became my favorite hideout, visitors to the Museum were amazed at the accuracy and precision at which as young as I was, could mirror the museum paintings onto my sketch pad, they showered many accolades on me, this I believe emboldened me to vow to work harder, in order to produce greater Artworks one day for the Ghana National Museum! By God’s grace, this dream has been realized. So I created this event in 2015
The Arts Legendary Wall of Fame Honours.

To create a Grand Monument to honor our past and present heroes in the Arts and the Sciences!

To cultivate and to nurture original talent in our young and upcoming creative thinkers, and to motivate them to chart the path to becoming World-class performing artists, literary artists, visual artists, and great scientists in order to keep our great heritage alive.

To help the National Museum regain its high historical status in engaging/educating visitors from all walks of life and societies, and to foster a deeper understanding of our culture, and to promote the sharing of Ghana’s authentic cultural and natural heritage with posterity and the wider world community.

“A nation that honors its heroes is worth dying for”.

It has been my desire to see this generation of young creatives also enjoy the privilege I was fortunate to experience with the National Museum which built my confidence level and also propelled me to this great profession called an Artist.

But the situation now is Not encouraging; the Museum is under reconstruction and for seven years it has been closed down. Please, just imagine, the number of children with my kind of zeal who have been deprived of reaching their goals.

I will like to use this platform to propagate on getting the government’s attention or whoever is responsible to fix the National Museum to save our Heritage.

#Fix the National Museum to save our Heritage

Writer: Amb. Kojo-Hilton

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