?Fly In The Face of Ordinary? With Virgin Atlantic


Virgin double Virgin Atlantic on course to ?Fly in the Face of Ordinary?

A multi million pound TV advertising campaign celebrating the extraordinary talents of young people has beeb launched today  by leading airline Virgin Atlantic. Designed to highlight the amazing skills young people have to offer, the ad reflects boss Richard Branson?s ethos as he started his first business while still at school and believes that all young people have the ability to succeed.

The new advert comes at a time of expansion for the airline as it looks forward to the launch of its domestic flying programme between London Heathrow and Manchester, Aberdeen and Edinburgh. The airline is seeking 150 new staff for this launch and the ad gives an insight into the jobs on offer as well as the skills and dedication Virgin Atlantic looks for in prospective new employees.

Sir Richard Branson, President of Virgin Atlantic said: ?We?re always on the lookout for gifted young people to grow our business. Our staff hold the keys to the future of Virgin Atlantic, they work so hard and we are delighted to dedicate this new advert to them.?

?At a time of soaring youth unemployment, our advertisement is a powerful New Year message encouraging everyone to look again at young people and the talents they have to offer to businesses and industries all over the country. People are at the heart of Virgin Atlantic and we believe this advert celebrates this?.

The advertisement is based upon the lives of real people who work at the airline today and traces the lives of the gifted youngsters born with special skills, and how they later use those talents to become outstanding employees at the airline.

One child has an amazing love of flight, and then goes on to become a leading pilot. Another has a keen interest in how things work and who later becomes one of the country?s leading design engineers. Others with excellent people and intuition skills become outstanding cabin crew members and ground staff.

The advertisement kicks off the airline?s new marketing campaign with the slogan ?Flying in the Face of Ordinary? which is designed to capture Virgin Atlantic?s pioneering spirit. The advertisement will be broadcast on TV stations across the UK starting on 1st January but the airline is giving passengers a sneak peak on its website today, 29th December. Print and outdoor ads will follow and will showcase the airline?s iconic cabin crew alongside the airline?s cabin experiences and destinations.

For a sneak peak of Virgin Atlantic?s new advert please visit http://www.virginatlantic.com/


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