FoI Law On Test In Nigeria


The passage of the freedom of information law in Nigeria has opened the way for all Nigerian citizens and organizations to demand information from government institutions in the federation. Apart from seeking information through the law courts some groups have resorted to writing to demand information from government institutions. One such body is the LEADERSHIP newspaper group of Nigeria
According information reaching us from Nigeria the Group has invoked the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act on the inspector general of police, IGP Suleiman Abba, asking him to provide information on the number of Nigerians using firearms without license.
wpid-PORTRAIT-OF-IGP-SULEIMAN-ABBA-1.jpgThe newspaper, in a letter entitled ?Request for Information on the Number of Nigerians with Gun Licensee or Permit Under the Freedom of Information Act 2011?, which was received yesterday at the Force Headquarters, gave the Police Force seven days to make the information available.
Part of the letter addressed to the police stated; ?During one of his speeches to senior police officers, the inspector general of police, IGP Suleiman Abba ordered the mopping up of small arms and light weapons in the society.
?Kindly furnish us within seven days of receipt of this letter, under the Freedom of Information Act, with details of the number of Nigerians with gun license or permit, to enable us do a balanced report on the rate of gun ownership by private individuals?.
The planned report is against the backdrop of proliferation of arms in the society ahead of the postponed general elections in six weeks
Today citizens of the federal republic of Nigeria don?t feel safe due to proliferation of guns used by rebel fighters of Boko Haram, criminals and those likely to cause havoc during the electioneering campaigns. Indeed many parts of Nigeria are experiencing suicide bomb blasts and direct attacks in markets and mosques and rally grounds from insurgents. The LEADERSHIP newspaper is therefore right in demanding to know more about the number of people, who are licensed to posses? guns in Nigeria,

Source Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai
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