Follow These Five Tips for a Waow Weekend


When Friday comes, the shout of “Thank God it’s Friday” is usual in offices and workplaces. It is an ecstatic feeling especially for the corporate people. Well, after a long week of fused work and stress, a mini-vacation is not only well-deserved, it is necessary.

But without a sound plan of activities, Sunday evening will come in a snap: no real rest and even more stress. In contrast, you can de-stress and enjoy the best weekends with an activity list and a good plan to go with it. By choosing the right combination of activities at the right times, every weekend will be priceless. Here are 6 of the most relaxing ways to de-stress from a tight week and enjoy the best weekend ever.

  1. Plan the Weekend

First things first! Get a plan for the weekend, the earlier the. A plan is the ideal start to an awesome weekend, no matter how general it is. With a plan, the activities are structured right from Friday evening until it is Monday morning again.

  1. Sleep More

The key to enjoying any weekend is having ample time to sleep. Sleeping rejuvenates the body by relaxing body muscles. It also allows the hormones that stimulate growth to be secreted. After a long week of work with limited and distracted sleep, the weekend is the opportune time to pay sleep its due.

  1. Read a book

An ultimate weekend relaxation therapy is reading. Reading gives muscle to the mind, improves empathy and melts away stress. Additionally, reading a book lets one feel connected. Whilst you add to your literature archive, you also relax your body and sharpen your mind with the book you read over the weekend.

  1. Take a Weekend Vacation

Vacations are break from work-imposed pressures. Activities done during a vacation allow one to de-stress. So for the weekends ahead, plan a full day relaxation at one of the attractions or luxury hotels in Ghana with the family. Alternatively, find a resort near you within budget and some alone time.

These should not just be a ‘once in a while’ activity.ramada-resort-19603-9b140edcd29d7b20240511809f22b59621e1d06b.JPG

  1. Take Musical Instrument lessons

Music is food for the mind and the soul. Therefore, what better way to free the mind after a long week than to practice music? Learning to play a musical instrument makes one smarter and sharper and addition to taking the mind of work. Also, playing musical instruments can be a money-making business for you later.

  1. Take strolls or a hike

Long walks or hiking will be many times beneficial after a stressful work week. Strolling especially during Sunday evening offers the suitable time to ponder over activities from the last week and plan the best way to tackle activities for the next week. The best part of this is that hiking is also a great exercise the busy schedules will not allow you to have.

Credit: Kofi Baiden, Jumia Travel

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