Food Production Corporation & Food Distribution Corporation Must Work Again

Food Production Coporation And Food Distribution Corporation
Food Production Coporation And Food Distribution Corporation

To provide food and create jobs for the jobless

Expectation has been set high for the president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, to report to the eligible voters who elected him to power barely a year ago as to what his government has been able to achieve so far.

As already reported by almost all the media in Ghana he is embarking on a four days tour of the region to report back to the people.
No one knows what is under the sleeve of the president of which he will present to the citizenry during the four days tour but the itinerary has spelt out where he will tour and what he will do during the tour.

Suppose I am asked to tell the president something, I will appeal to Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo during his tour of the region that ,” It is high time you revitalize the Ghana Food Production Corporation [GFPC] and Ghana Food Distribution Corporation [GFDC]”.
The revitalization of these corporations will enable the ministry of Food and Agriculture to successfully carry out the “grow food for job” national exercise.

If the president revitalizes these two corporations, it will create a central production and marketing scheme to buy farmers products that will pave way for middlemen to exploit hard working farmers, thereby making them not to operate at a loss.

“If Ghana is to become self sufficient in food production and also succeed in attracting more youth to farming, then priority attention have to be given to seeking a solution to post harvest losses and marketing problems facing farmers which these two institutions will successfully take care of”.

Currently, these two corporations are defunct leaving their giant Silos that were used to store thousand tons of food in sorry states in both Tema Industrial Area and Accra Industrial area whiles their office buildings keep dilapidating under the watch of various governments.

I will commend the government for the numerous interventions and loan facilities in particular that it had put in place to facilitate the work of Ghanaian farmers and to make the sector attractive.

I will suggest to the president to make the minister of food and agriculture to also consider carrying out sustained education programmes to enlighten farmers more about food marketing, post harvest losses and existence of various schemes and how farmers could assess such facilities.

Farmers could eschew the tendency of conducting their farming ventures on individual basis and begin to adopt the practice of forming groups and cooperatives; I will support my appeal to the president with this.
“In pursuance of their ventures as farming co-operatives would also enhance their capacity to increase their product” I will tell the president.

Finally, I will plead with His Excellency Nana Akufo Addo to do well to inspect the neglected Silos and assess the rate of damage caused to these facilities and see how best the government can revitalize them to serve the good people of Ghana.

Stephen A.Quaye,
Freelance, Toronto-Canada

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  1. We are really suffering in Ghana about fertilizers price and due to that the price of food has come to very critical expensive to purchase to feed our self will only eat once a day why Ghana?????


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