Elections are over, but the drama still prevails. Would it ever end? Some people have come to terms with their fate; such are the realists! It was either a win, or loose! Others are still struggling to come to terms with December 9th! It has been a heart-breaking experience but such is life! It is a normal occurrence to encounter defeat, but the best remedy is to move on! I hope they do, eventually!

People, the result of the last election is to be contested in court! Like every democracy, results are contested on conclusive grounds. Perhaps, the contest is for closure! It is an understandable and perhaps, laudable attempt; one that can be taken only by the brave! Somehow, and for some reason, I find it hard believing that this whole re-battle in court, has the national interest at heart, as has been widely proclaimed and acclaimed! I am personally of the opinion that this re-battle, is to serve an individual interest, rather than a national interest!

Over the past decades in our dearly beloved nation, Ghana, elections have been held, by our highly esteemed electoral commission. These elections have either gone in the favour of, or against! These elections have been won mainly by candidates belonging to our two main political parties! Again, it was the same electoral commissioner, who steered those elections! It is rather ironic, that the reputation of this same commission is being questioned, in the name of our democracy! Is it about democracy, or selfishness?

The word democracy keeps coming up in all discussions and so, I keep asking myself; what is the true meaning of democracy? Do we only think of democracy as rights? What about democracy of responsibility? Democracy, like all rights, comes with responsibilities! Fellow Ghanaians, let us not exhibit lawlessness, in the name of democracy, as has happened in recent past because during such moments, some of us cannot help but wish for a dictatorship! Dictatorship means orderliness, and discipline! In general, people are undisciplined, and yet, try to hide under the umbrella of democracy, when they are caught!

For the sake of democracy, an election was held! In the name of this very democracy, results were declared! And yet, once again, in the name of democracy, some people are refusing to accept these results! The results are being contested! Is the re-battle in court going to secure our democracy as a nation? The issue of electoral fraud, as some people would prefer to call it, is one in its own entirety! It is a normal cause to question results, but let us not pin it on democracy! How then do we measure electoral fraud and at the same time measure democracy? One way or the other, the election would have always favoured someone more! Are we now supposed to expect all contestants to win? If all losers are now to take refuge under the umbrella of electoral fraud whiles making claims of securing our democracy, then this nation has a serious problem!

This election unraveled several issues. Right from the onset, allegations started dancing around! While some parties were psyching their voters for a win, others seemed to be psyching their voters for defeat! Rather interestingly, in the heat of the elections, results were declared! This is a gesture that cuts deep into the core of our democracy, as a nation! This is a gesture, which elsewhere, would have been followed by chaos and bloodshed! This is a gesture that for some of us would be one of the most shameful moments in our entire electoral process! A civilian acted as the electoral commissioner and in the name of the same democracy they are seeking to safeguard in court, declares election results in an on-going process! Ironic! What then do we expect of a military dictatorship!

Is the electoral re-battle seeking to serve the nation as a whole, or some individuals?

Elections are contested by people with a passion rather than a need! This passion is mostly driven by their personal ambitions! As expected, people will do whatever they can to win! People will do whatever they can to obtain power! In politics lies the good, bad and ugly! Let not our selfish needs surpass the needs of an entire race! Ghana is bigger than us all! Ghana is made up of Ghanaians, the very people who can determine who or what they want! People vote for various reasons, and so, elections although predictable, can be unpredictable! In as much as we believe in our candidates or candidature, we are not the only determinants of the outcome!

As we battle the results of the last elections in court, let us not battle the nation, and her people in the process! We need peace in this nation, and sometimes, for peace to prevail, compromises are made. Like all compromises, it favours one person more! Is the re-battle for the sake of democracy, or for our own sakes? I leave that to Ghanaians; but your guess is as good as mine!

Anna Esi Hanson (, Takoradi.

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