These apps will help with various skills such as memory and spelling across maths, science, geography and history.

StoryKit App

For iPhone, iPod and iPad


This is a great one for creative children and dreamers to create detailed books about their lives or imaginary events. They can also change the ending of classic stories such as Goldilocks and The Three Bears and add in their own photos. The book has colourful illustrations that kids can add text or captions to.

Skills: Cognitive skills, literacy, imagination, spelling and grammar

Age: 3+

storykit app

The Storykit app will have kids engaged for hours. Source:

Math Bingo

For iPhone, iPad and iPod


A good one to get your kids? brains working on simple sums.

Kids can choose a cartoon avatar to help them win five bingo bugs in a row by solving maths problems on the board using basic arithmetic.

There are different levels and four different games taking in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You can also add in multiple players

Skills: Numeracy

Age: 5 ? 8

math bingo app

Math Bingo has different levels to test children. Source:

Weird But True

For iPad/iPhone


Did you know the air around a lightning strike is five times hotter than the sun and sea stars don?t have brains?

There are 300 quirky facts, sounds and graphics about the world, geography and nature in this National Geographic Society app. Kids shake or swipe the iPad for a new fact. There is a review button to go through your favourite facts or an alphabetical list to search.

Skills: Geography, nature, science

Age: 4+

Leonardo da Vinci Leo?s Pad Appisode 1



A young Leonardo leads children through a thoughtful and beautifully animated journey.

In the first ?appisode?, it is young Galileo Galilei?s birthday celebration, and kids must practice drawing, problem solving, colours and shapes without realising they are learning. They also learn about historical characters through a mix of entertainment and education.

Skills : History, art, critical thinking

Age: 3 ? 5

The Elements for iPhone 4



An interactive app that presents the periodic table in a fun and clear way. There are impressive graphics and easily-digestible information and unusual facts appear when you tap on the element. A good one to supplement high school revision.

Skills: Chemistry

Age: 10+

the elements app

The Elements app will help during periods of revision. Source:


iPhone, iPod and iPad


An intuitive vocabulary-building game where a bookworm cheers you on to make long and impressive words using tiles on the screen. If you make too many short words, the tiles will blow up.

Skills: Literacy, spelling, communication

Age: 5+


iPad, iPod and iPhone


$9.99 Android

Young explorers will love this game that takes them on a treasure hunt around the world solving clues to try and find hidden containers. When you find the hidden cache, you get a prize and leave one for the next person to find.

Skills: Cognitive skills, geography, problem solving

Age: 5+

Memory Train

iPad and iPhone


Improve your child?s brain function as they guide Spacey the elephant to the circus. Along the way, they must memorise the characteristics of objects and recall details to earn stars, badges, and peanuts.

This is a good one for kids with learning difficulties.

Skills: Literacy, cognitive skills

Age: 3+

build a zoo app

The Build a Zoo is interactive and colourful. Source:

Build A Zoo

iPhone and iPad


Kids will learn the alphabet, letters, spelling, matching and practice motor skills like timing as they engage in the games.

Skills:  Literacy, numeracy, spelling, cognitive skills, problem solving

Age:  3+

Facts for Kids: A New Fact Every Day

iPhone, iPad


$1.49 ? Android

Daily facts about animals, science, geography, people, biology and the world are delivered complete with pictures and sound.

The app aims to create interest in new topics and encourage further study and research.

Skills: Fact-finding, research

Age: 5+

And one for the parents?

Sound Parent

iPhone and iPad


So you can get good rest and carry on learning too, the Sound Parent app records the reassuring sound of your voice so it can be replayed to your child if they are having trouble sleeping or going down to bed.

New parent Will Tarbuck created the app for times when parents need a short break. You can also record familiar, soothing sounds like nursery rhymes, a fan or ssssh sounds to be played on a loop and it also has a countdown timer.

sound parent app

The Sound Parent app plays soothing noises to help get babies to sleep

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