For Those Asking Who Ashawobrity Angela Tabiri Is…This Is How She Became ‘Famous’


People have been asking me who the heck  is this Angela Tabiri flaunting her boobs all around...Before I proceed, you guys got to note that her name is TABIRI not FEBIRI.  Gosh, leave my goddam family name out of this…LOL

Anyway, I have been digging through our archives and have found some snap shots of her from the movie ‘Adult Only‘…I see  no reason why she is worried or somehow ashamed that her naked photos have leaked….Because, they were far ‘leaked’ months ago in the movie-Adulty Only…Is it not through going naked that she became a little famous in Ghana?

In Adult Only, she bared it all, so what is her damn cry about? And when will women also take responsibility when their naked photos leak? Why should it always be my BF did it ? Who took it?

I understand all men including me love these photos but then make sure the guy has a game before you press the SEND…LOL

Who do you think should be blamed when such photos leak? The woman or the man?

Check out the still images from the movie-Adult Only

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