Forbes Settles Trademark Infringement Issue With Mr. Leope


On the 23rd of March 2015 Forbes Africa released a press statement informing the general public of a
false Forbes Africa cover featuring Sbusiso Leope. The pending issue of trademark infringement and
misrepresentation between Forbes Africa and Mr. Sbusiso Leope has attained closure, and has been
resolved amicably.

pl817-1The image of Mr. Sbusiso Leope?s with the beverage MoFaya on the Forbes frica cover (the ?Image?)
contains the unauthorized use of our trademark, brand name and logo. Further, the endorsement of
the Image on social media, by posting and retweeting said image, contains no disclaimers and has
created much confusion amongst our readers.

While, Mr. Leope admits that he did not create the?Image, our fundamental contention is the Image endorsed by him on social media is the unlicensed?use of Forbes frica?s exclusive intellectual property rights. Further, the Image is misleading and?represents an affiliation that does not exist and has not been approved by Forbes Africa. Mr. Leope?has duly acknowledged our concerns and has agreed to take down the Image from his social media?networks. It is also important to note that Mr Leope has made it clear that it was not his intention to?mislead our readers.

“We seek to state that our intentions are purely to safeguard the Forbes Africa trademark and brand
name, and protect our readers from being misled by the ?Image.? Mr. Leope?s spirit of
entrepreneurship has been featured in USA, and we duly acknowledge that. The matter
is resolved to the satisfaction of both parties.”

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